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Website Redirect Virus?

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Hello, I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to be asking about this subject. But I recently was browsing a site, clicked on a video, that I have watched in the past and I was redirected to a page that I could not close saying my computer was infected with a virus please call this number immediately. After a minute I just shut down my computer as I was not able to close the page. Does this without a doubt mean my computer is infected with some sort of malware or virus? If so I'm wondering the best way to deal with this. I have malware bytes installed and I immediately ran a scan(free version) as my computer rebooted. Malware bytes did not detect anything. I am pretty much an amateur computer user but I do try to safely browse the internet and download only trusted files and programs. I'm wondering if malware bytes somehow missed an infection on the computer or if there is other programs I should be using to find and remove an infection. Also is it possible that my computer isn't infected at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would like to add that I haven't downloaded anything recently and this incident happened as I clicked on a video on a popular website. I'm running windows 7, I use Chrome web browser and do not have any anti virus software installed. I checked my processes afterwards and only found GWX.exe as something I haven't noticed recently but I also hadn't checked processes in a few weeks or so. I looked this up and apparently its something to do with get windows 10. C:\Windows\System32\GWX is the location and its Microsoft corporation product name. If there's anything else I can add please let me know. Thanks for your time.

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Gxw is a legitimate process, it stands for: get Windows 10, it causes a pop up to show and offer Windows 10.

That being said you really should have an anti virus installed, especially if your connected to the Internet and browsing.

As for an infection, if your concerned click on the link below and follow the instructions for free expert advice too see if your computer is infected or not,

If so they will help you clean it, also for free


Just a reminder the helpers are busy people, and it can take awhile for a response, so give it 48 hours before proceeding to post again, since the helpers look for threads without replies.

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