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MBAM not updating

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Hello and :welcome: , unpiled:



We'd like very much to assist you with your issue.

However, your logs show that this computer is being used to actively pirate licensed software.


This violates the forum PIracy Policy.


As such, no further assistance can be provided at this time until the illegal software has been removed and the system changes (hosts file modifications) have been reverted to the default.


Thank you very much for your understanding.

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  • Root Admin

All of the following needs to be removed in order for us to continue to assist you. I will close the topic now and if you decide to remove all simply send me a PM with new FRST logs and we'll reopen.


Thank you





==================== Hosts content: ==========================

(If needed Hosts: directive could be included in the fixlist to reset Hosts.)

2014-06-14 12:59 - 2014-06-14 13:05 - 00001809 ____A C:\windows\system32\Drivers\etc\hosts 3dns.adobe.com 3dns-1.adobe.com 3dns-2.adobe.com 3dns-3.adobe.com 3dns-4.adobe.com activate.adobe.com activate-sea.adobe.com activate-sjc0.adobe.com activate.wip.adobe.com activate.wip1.adobe.com activate.wip2.adobe.com activate.wip3.adobe.com activate.wip4.adobe.com adobe-dns.adobe.com adobe-dns-1.adobe.com adobe-dns-2.adobe.com adobe-dns-3.adobe.com adobe-dns-4.adobe.com adobeereg.com practivate.adobe practivate.adobe.com practivate.adobe.newoa practivate.adobe.ntp practivate.adobe.ipp ereg.adobe.com ereg.wip.adobe.com ereg.wip1.adobe.com ereg.wip2.adobe.com ereg.wip3.adobe.com ereg.wip4.adobe.com hl2rcv.adobe.com wip.adobe.com wip1.adobe.com wip2.adobe.com wip3.adobe.com wip4.adobe.com www.adobeereg.com wwis-dubc1-vip60.adobe.com www.wip.adobe.com www.wip1.adobe.com www.wip2.adobe.com www.wip3.adobe.com www.wip4.adobe.com wwis-dubc1-vip60.adobe.com crl.verisign.net CRL.VERISIGN.NET ood.opsource.net


2015-06-06 00:06 - 2015-06-06 00:07 - 00017522 _____ C:\Users\Korisnik\Downloads\sl-game-of-thrones-2011-S05E03-SubRip-windows-1250.zip


Task: {09FE4158-77F5-4128-AFAE-F6003FDAFA6A} - System32\Tasks\AutoKMS => C:\windows\AutoKMS.exe

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