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Hi Mike,


We would need to get a bit more information please. Is there any error message. What about event logs? Have you tried to reboot the computer and try again?


Perhaps there is some type of block between our Web blocker and the users antivirus that now days may also have a built-in Web blocker. Have seen that on a couple antivirus programs now. Possibly check that and if needed uncheck the one in the antivirus.


If those don't help then Please download the following tool and send us back the log.


Thank you



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  • Root Admin

Sorry for the delay Mike. That seems okay. No one around to check with right now but I'll check on it tomorrow and see if we can get an exact server address to check on.


Also, please make sure that IE is their default browser (it should not need to be but in a previous older build it looked to IE to get access) - that should not be the issue but it's an easy test to see.

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Hello @Madalascar and :welcome:


It is disappointing to read your system is having issues and each computer is unique. Problems that seem "the same" most often are not.


The same is true for solutions. They most often need to be individualized to your unique system.


It is less confusing for everyone if we adhere to this subforum's "one user per topic" policy.

Please start a NEW, and SEPARATE topic by left-clicking this >>cjfj.png<< button now.

Staffers, experts, and helpers will be able to more easily provide both you, and the OP/Topic Starter, with individualized assistance to get you both up and running.


Thank you always for your patience and understanding.

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