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The worst customer service I have ever seen!

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I purchased a lifetime license for Malwarebytes Premium version from Amazon last February. Everything was fine until the software auto-installed a new version about one week ago. From that point the original key was not carried over to the new version and I was stuck with the free version! I contacted customer service and asked how to fix this. It is obvious that they never even read my emails! They asked me for info that was in my previous messages. Then they tried to make me out to be a bootlegger and suggested that my key might be valid! I sent several emails explaining that the key was provided by Amazon when I purchased the software. I even provided the Amazon order number and links to the Amazon page where the key can be recovered and the software downloaded. Then I get an email telling me that I had used the amnesty program for my bootleg key and admonished not to loose the new key.

All that was needed was for them to explain that Amazon combined the ID and the key into a single string. This is how Amazon provided the key: "ID- XXXXX KEY- XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" All they had to do was tell me to seperate the ID and Key and input them to the program separately. It is that simple. Instead I am accused of using an illegal copy of the software and insulted again with the amnesty remark. Is this how you run your company? Needless to say I will never buy another product from your company as long as this is the kind of service you get when you have a SIMPLE problem.

I will be happy to supply the entire text of my email conversation(s) with your "support" people.

Paul Michaelson

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This is how Amazon provided the key: "ID- XXXXX KEY- XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"


I am sorry you feel the the way you do. The seller on amazon was not an authorized seller of malwarebytes. The proper keys would look like this

ID xxxxx-xxxxx

Key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx


Note the 2 sets of 5 characters.


Just because it came from Amazon does not make it a legit key. That is what the amnesty program is for. To make legal all those bogus paid for"in good faith keys" that were purchased by unsuspecting customers.


Please save the new key as instructed since there is no way to pull the key off a DEAD machine if yours crashes.


Does that explain things more clearly?

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