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Help avoiding loss of files and a secondary question

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So for some reason on the 23rd of June, my Malware started having a weekly sunday scan scheduled at 11 pm, with automated deletion instead of pure quarantine (I *always* put everything to ask or outright quarantine, in both this and Avast, so that I can review whats scanned. I get false positives often enough to not want to lose data...like this time)

Somehow, it never caught any of these items the last 2 or 3 weeks. Today it scanned (on a monday at 4-5~ am) and falsely marked 3 items I know as being "non malware obtrusive programs", and promptly marked them for deletion.

And now I have no way of undoing that, because I have to "reboot so items marked for deletion can delete properly."

So now I'm going to lose the PowerISOUninstall.exe (but not the .exe or any other files, topkek), the PowerISOInstaller.exe (but not the .exe or files, again, topkek), and a video editing program's installer of mine ALSO had a false positive. I know all of these are false positives because I've used them safely, had them for over 6 months without them being detected/identified as a problem....and most important, a friend sent me their key my way so I could use the video editor specifically without issue (PowerISO being free n all).

I don't have any recent back ups, and I certainly would prefer not to do so and end up potentially losing other files. So. How, if possible, can I ensure I don't lose and/or can recover these files?

I cannot recover right now, it gives me the error message that I must reboot first, which will delete the files from existence.
I do not have a system restore or backup I can use to get them back.

Side note: I keep getting blocked IPs the last week or 2 from Skype inbounds/outbounds. Apparently this is not a new issue online, but it is for me. I've had MWB for years without incident, just got premium awhile back and had it for a few months without incident, and now a week or 2 ago without issue, without having accepted any new contacts, and disabling almost all security risk options I can think of....I get constant (I mean popups return as soon as they go away) notifications of blocked IPs, from Latvia, Georgia, who knows where else. Any known fixes/ways of identifying why?

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