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malwarebytes dashboard and other pages do not fit monitor screen

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I'm sorry but, that's the problem.  800 x 600 is too low.  Modern software tends to work at a resolution minimum of at least 1024 x 768.


I understand that there are many with vision problems and they opt for lower video resolution.  The best solution is a larger screen.


I have dealt with this many times where a larger monitor is warranted under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as a "reasonable accommodation". 


I am not saying that this is your issue but using it as an example.

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You diagnosed me correctly. I have a problem with a botched cataract surgery and have no clear vision at any distancewithout glasses. My new ACER monitor allows me to not have to wear glasses. I tried all of the other resolution settings and all are too small a type for me. I will live with the current 800 x600 setting as only malwarebytes is a problem.


Thanks for the help and advice,



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I have been there.  I have supported many personnel with vision problems.


Besides getting a larger monitor, MS Windows provides an "Ease of Access" utility called "Magnifier" which is a virtual magnifying glass.  When placed over an area it enlarges it.  There are also 3rd party applications and peripheral devices to aid in your viewing needs.

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@ OP :

DL is correct ... there are many aids for those that have impaired vision .

if you use the firefox browser you can download addons called " zoomfox" and "page zoom"

zoomfox is great for images while "page zoom" will "blow up" the whole page to any degree of magnification you want and it will remember the setting for each site .

access to these functions is via the right click-n-select .

i use these two addons every day ... and i have a 32" monitor .

if you do use firefox and have not done so already , get "classic theme restorer" from the addons search page in firefox .

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