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adcash pop ups / possible adware / fake warning about detected virus

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Hi and hopefully, I am in the correct forum.  Within the last month or so, I've been getting these "Adcash" popups throughout the day.  I can get them when I am click on something else on a webpage that I know has nothing to do with ads.  They are random, but very annoying.  When I get them, the either popup in another tab, or they try to run behind my current window.  I try not to let the page load due to fear that something else is trying to install, so I rarely get to see what's trying to load.  Also, please see some of the symptoms below that I believe is related to this adware issue:


- The adwares has effected all apple products in the house (mobile, laptops) 


- My internet has sometimes been so slow that I cannot use it


- I get this pop up sometimes that is either extremely hard to get rid of or I have to hard boot my computer off and turn it back on.  The pop up is trying to get me to call a number to remove the "detected viruses" off of my computer.  I know it's a phishing scam.


- My email has been acting weird on my iphone... Sometimes it looks as if I received hundreds of emails from the year 2070 and some of the emails are read and some are unread... The sender is shown as something like "Sender".  I can't remember the sender's name, but its really weird.  


- Sometimes pages won't load or pages that were previously loaded goes to a "Page cannot be loaded" screen (could be due to slow internet)


- Format for some platforms like Facebook is distorted really bad.  


- Can't scroll down sometimes (This happens on one particular page only and could be a different issue)



I think I covered it all, but if I remember that I've forgotten something, I will update this post.  I appreciate any help on this.  





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Hello RobinWms and :welcome:
Your description suggests malware removal actions that are not permitted in this subforum.
I recommend following the advice from the topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and have one of the Malware Removal Experts assist you with your issue.
If, as recommended, you do open a topic in Malware Removal Help, please make reference to this thread.
If you would like to get off to a very fast start, the Malware Removal Experts would appreciate it if you would also Copy and Paste (not attach) both the FRST.txt and the Addition.txt output diagnostic reports from only Log Set 1 into your new topic. Please do not tick, nor untick, any pre-configured FRST categories.
Thank you. :)

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Welcome, RobinWms. :)


You wrote:



- The adwares has effected all apple products in the house (mobile, laptops)


This forum -- and the various sub-sections, including the malware removal area -- only provides support for Windows and Android devices.


You might have better luck at an Apple support forum or site, or perhaps a more general computer forum, such as bleepingcomputer.


OTOH, if you have a Windows device (or a computer that dual boots Windows) that requires malware removal, then, by all means, please fee free to follow 1PW's advice.

For Android devices, I suggest that you start with the advice in this pinned topic >>here<<.



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