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Malwarebytes Management Console Malware Removal

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I  upgraded to the latest version of the Malwarebyte Management Console. I changed the setting for Action for potentially unwanted programs to "Show results List and check for removal". A number of PC clients are showing malware threats detected. I have not figured out how I can use the Management Console to remove them. I do see that if I run another "Quick Scan" it gives me an option for "Automatically remove threats". Is that the only way to remove them aside from logging into the client and removing them from the quarantine? I am trying to clean the "Last Scan result" of Threat detected. The new feature added for email notification is really sweet! 


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Does MBAM support not monitor the forum? I have the same question. I'm very surprised that I am unable to select a client and right click for removal. All that is available to me is an Exclude option. Like Mike (above), I am aware that I am able to run a new scan and remove PUPs at that point, but that seems inefficient.


Please consider adding a Right Click -> Remove to the Management Console when in Threat View.

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They do monitor the forums, but if the original poster opens a support ticket in addition to making a forum post, the support ticket takes priority AND there is no guarantee that the forum post will be responded to.


You are correct that the process of removing a threat is inefficient.  That is supposed to be fixed on the next release.  In the meantime, you'll still have to resort to the inefficient method.

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