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Malicious website protection DISABLED . .

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Have followed your instructions in PINNED area not just once but twice (2) and this last time it was shown as Enabled.  While looking at that page in MBAM it changed to Disabled and will not move off.  Any other IDEAS?


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Hello and welcome back:


If rebooting the computer does not resolve your issue:

Please let us know how it goes.


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Hello NTxLS:


Before @AdvancedSetup can provide an informed answer, please consider posting the following logs:

  • Please read the topic Diagnostic Logs and then individually ATTACH the 3 requested logs in your next reply to this thread only.
  • The 3 files, from Step 1, to be individually ATTACHED from your desktop are CheckResults.txt, FRST.txt and Addition.txt. Please do not Zip or Copy and Paste them into a reply. Please do not alter, any FRST categories as they are pre-configured for this forum.

Thank You.

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Greetings from the GREAT Country of TEXAS,


Thank you to all that have posted, do NOT know what went wrong.  DId all you advised except the one by "1PW" which was NOT needed.  While working so solve my main issue doing things that had NOTHING to do with this with MBAM, all cleared with the "Malicious Website Protection" just suddenly started working again.


There have been some rather strange problems with this desktop over the last 3-4 weeks.  Have been posing in Microsoft's Community along with Dell's Community not getting any assistance with my main problem.  I finally discovered what was need to be done and DID IT!  Cleared that one but just before doing that change this issue with MBAM cleared first.


I have Avast! FREE and run regular scans for RootKits as well as FULL scans doing the same with MBAM and Chameleon with zero (0) finds.  All are updated dailly, several times, with some times fast scans done with both just before closing down for the night.  All clear . . so I may sleep well. 


I also have FRST64, JRT, Microsoft Security Client, WinPatrol Plus and WinPrivacy Plus to assist in keeping me advised of happenings that go on behind our backs. 


Thank you for reading my post . . this issue is solved by Unknown activity . .

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OK, thanks for letting us know.


If you have further problems with MBAM, especially given all the other issues you report with the system, please do post back with the requested 3 logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt).

They are the only way we could begin to sort out what might be happening.


Take care,

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