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How do I stop the constant pestering by MalwareBytes to install a new version?

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MalwareBytes keeps throwing up a dialogue box on my computers to get me to install a new version. The one time I did it, MalwareBytes replaced my premium version with a free trial version. Then I had to root around my old emails to find the key and id. I have six months left on my premium subscription, I don't want a free trial version. 

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It would help to know what version you are running now (as specific instructions vary somewhat between versions). I assume it is at least version 2.1.4?

Also, just to clarify:

The "Trial" version is enabled by default during a clean install/upgrade of a major new program version (one Trial per computer per program version), unless the user opts out during the setup wizard.

The "Free" version is the manual, on-demand scanner.


So, it's a bit confusing when you mention the "Free Trial" version. 

It's not quite clear whether you are reporting reversion to the "Free" version or the "Trial" version.


You can disable the setting to check for program updates (Settings > Update Settings > Update Options).

Doing so is not recommended, however.

The current build contains many important stability and performance fixes and improvements.


If you have a valid, legal license (lifetime or subscription) it should be automatically accepted by the new licensing system.


If you get reverted back to the Free version upon upgrading, and your license is valid, it could be a quirk that several users have reported (probably a minor program crash/hiccup upon restarting the system after the upgrade, when the program is trying to verify the license).


One of our most experienced forum Trusted Advisors, Firefox, has suggested this workaround:


1. Exit the program from the system tray (if possible), or kill mbam.exe from the Task Manager.

2. Restart the program from the desktop shortcut icon.

3. Click the "Activate" link in the upper right:

  • If you see a dialog window asking about the license, select the appropriate option from the 2 choices, then click the "Next" button.
  • If you are prompted to re-enter your license ID/Key, do so, and then click the "Activate" button.


>>EDIT: If you refer, instead, to a new Trial version, and you have a valid license, all you need to do is click the "Activate" link and enter your license ID and Key, then "Activate". That will convert the Trial version to the Premium version.


If that doesn't explain or resolve your issue, please post back and we will go from there.




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