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Laptop Acting Up - Strange Behavior on Bootup 0xE4_W


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Just this evening, when I booted up my laptop after having visited a friends a fortnight ago, the system loaded to the login screen, then returned a BSOD. I only saw the screen for but a moment, but have reproduced what it stated in the attatched HTML document acquired via the BlueScreenView program.


I can succesfully boot the sysem in Safe Mode without issue, but if I attempt to boot the system in normal mode, the screen is monochrome, off centered, and has distorted bars running up the right side. Were it not for the fact that I use an Integrated Graphics Card, I would suspect my graphics card was failing.

Mayhaps the motherboard has somehow befallen some damage? That too doesn't make terribly much sense to me, wouldn't the system still encounter graphic display problems when loading up images? I suppose not if it were not using the integrated graphics array.

Any advice on how I can proceed at this point would be appreciated.



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If the graphic chip-set was failing then the video would be full of crap.  Like the screen was broken up into an 80x25 line display and each box in the array showed different colour characters or the vertical or horizontal synchronization would screwed up and the graphics would be "wacked" or there would be no display at all or a solid colour or some other abnormal display pattern.


You should look at the Make and Model ( which you have not provided ) and check out the manufacturers Drivers and Support section for that model. Then obtain the Video and possibly Audio Drivers for the OS ( which you have also not provided ).  Then remove the video drivers from the system in Safe Mode. Then boot into Normal Mode and install the software you obtained.  Depending upon the results ( success or failure ), follow up with the same process but for the Audio Drivers.

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I used system restore point, going back to before when League of Legends tried to install a new Direct X codec. Odd that that is what had broken it, the system is now operating as normal.


This thread can be marked as resolved.

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Thank you for the update.


You had left out "before when League of Legends tried to install a new Direct X codec"  but I knew it wasn't a case of the "graphics card was failing" or "the motherboard has somehow befallen some damage".


What was described was a software issue and not one of hardware and it would have been easier if you wrote something to the effect of...

After I attempted to install League of Legends and it tried to install a new Direct X codec, I started experiencing a BSoD condition with NT Stop Error  ##.


In the future, you'll know not to leave the important stuff out like the actual NT Stop Error message and what was done PRIOR to a continuing problematic event.

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Just curious, please....


I saw Windows 7 markings on many of the drivers based on driver name, but especially the timestamp (in hex) + Time String columns.


The timestamp for original Microsoft Windows 7 OS related drivers = July 13, 2009 (could be July 14 depending on time zone)


" "  " " for Windows 7 SP1 OS related drivers = November 20, 2010


My question is how did you get Windows 7 to save >100 mini kernel dump files (per your crash list)?


Windows 7 was the first Windows OS to limit saved minidump files to 50, deleting the oldest to make room for the new.


Regards. . .



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