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Bad md5 or size messages during update to 2.1.8 Premium Malware

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I received the following 3 messages during the update to Malwarebytes:


Bad md5 or size: akadomains,11

Bad md5 or size: akaips,11

Bad md5 or size: swissarmy, 11


The last message was: installed 6/29


I just wanted to verify the install was successful and there were no problems created by these messages.


Thank you for your help with my post.



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Hello and :welcome: :


It would help to see the entire protection log, exported to a *.txt file and attached here, but from what you describe, yes, that appears to be expected behavior when first updating after upgrading to version 2.1.8.


From the MBAM Senior Technical Product Manager, bdubrow:



The errors you saw are expected on your initial update.  The two databases in question (akadomains and akaips) are not included in the installer, so when the program checks this after the update, it notes this discrepancy and then downloads full versions of these new databases.


And then also, typically the malware database is going to be updated much more regularly than the akadomains, akaips, domains and ips databases, so everything you're see is perfectly normal.   :)



If that doesn't explain what you're seeing, please post back with the full protection log as an attachment, if you can.



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