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Question regarding legal keys replacement

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Hi guys :)


I have a question I had already posted https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/169811-i-would-like-my-money-back/?p=972774

But that topic is closed now, and it was maybe the wrong place to post it.


But :


- I have 2 legal lifetime licenses, bought in 2009 from your website.

- I also have both emails from Cleverbridge, so there is no problem to verify them.


- But at the moment I have both licenses not activated, because of a problem/conflict with Avast! SafeZone ( Hopefully that problem will be solved in the near future ).


Now what should I do ?


- I could make an image so I can activate my licenses, and get the replacement keys. But that takes time.

- Or is there another way ?


And untill when can I replace my ( old ) keys with the new ones ?


Greetz, Red.


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  • Staff

Hi Red--


As always, there is no issue with legitimately purchased licenses.  There are no "replacement" keys for legitimately purchased licenses, so there's nothing you need to do here.  These keys will continue to work exactly the same way they did for you in the past.


You should be able to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and re-activate both those licenses whenever you're ready (assuming they aren't actively in use on any other system at the time).  


And hopefully whatever the issue is with Avast! SafeZone is resolved sooner rather than later!   :)

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