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Cannot scan because cannot update!

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Whoever thought up the idea that the program has to be automatically updated before running a scan should be removed from the project or have his/her head removed from his/her shoulders!

Whichever is quicker.

This isn't the first time we had problems updating because you were rolling out a new program update. The difference this time is that I'm left with an inoperable program (v2.16)

As I have already stated once before don't ask me to update to your newer version to "try" and solve "your" problems. And,once again, dont ask me to do any troubleshooting because I don't want and won't do your job for you!

You are the ones who messed up once again.I will not upgrade so I can lose my lifetime license! And from what I have read it won't solve the problem either.

This program was perfectly fine two days ago. So dont give me any bull about systems being unique when the whole of canada are experiencing the same problem.Now its just sitting on my desktop like an old car rusting in a backyard

Maybe a refund is the way to go. It could make you more careful in the future when you upgrade to a newer version when people get so fed up they just want to be reimbursed to get some peace of mind.

In all my years with Eset (7 years), I never encountered problems like database updating when I upgraded their program.


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Well,it seems like the database updating problem has been fixed. My sincere thanks for that. But unfortunately I won't be apologizing soon for my rant about not being able to scan

without the software having to go thru a mandatory database update.

Something to look into in future program updates mayhap? That's if you haven't beheaded anyone of course   ^_^ 

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