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upgraded to 2.1.8 now program wont start

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Me and husband have different pc' mine is windows 8.1 his is windows 7.1  both got update message did update now neither of them loads malwarebytes at startup or is able to do scan.  I checked and they are both set to start when windows starts.  I can't even select anything under advanced settings on either pc.


I uninstalled and reinstalled to 2.1.6 and same problem on my pc.


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Hi, lauriej:


Sorry you are having issues with MBAM on your two computers.


>>I understand that you have reinstalled and rolled back -- on one or both??? -- to version 2.1.6?

>>Did you follow the "best practices" with a proper "clean" reinstall, as explained here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x ??


@iamuser is correct -- from the screen shot that you posted, it appears that you may have reinstalled version 2.1.6, but you did not activate it.

(See my snippet attached here.)


It will be confusing for us to work on 2 different computers at the same time.

For ONE computer at a time, the simplest way to proceed would be to activate the existing 2.1.6 installation, by clicking the "Activate" link in the dashboard and entering your license ID/Key, as shown in this video.


Please post back and let us know how that goes.

If it doesn't work, there are some other steps to try.


Thank you,


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