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lucky try and recommend app keep popping up

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I installed a flashlight app and now I keep getting the lucky try icon popping up. I already Uninstall the flash light app. I also install the mal ware app and found the Android/PUP file posted in another post. I try to Uninstall but can't. I try in safe mode but male are isn't there for me to use to Uninstall. Please help. Thank you.

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Hi Ladybug,


Were you able to uninstall the flashlight app or does it keep reappearing?
Unfortunately, It's difficult to identify the offending app with the info you provided. Some devices are able to list apps in the App drawer by most recent and there are apps that can give you an install/update time for apps installed, running one might help point out any unwanted recent additions.
A third party app you can try to help identify the culprit of the shortcuts is Addons Detector. It can show you apps by install date and also a permission list with apps associated with them. The Permission Explorer will help, you can find apps with the permission to 'Install_Shortcut,' from there you can see which apps belong and which don't.
I would suggest disabling 'Unknown sources' except when you knowingly what to install an app outside of the Play Store, to prevent accidental sideloading.
Let me know what you find out. 
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I have Uninstall the flash light app. I have screen shot of the file that the malware found as the problem but I don't know how to add screen shot in here. What other information do you need so I can provide?

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