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Two License Questions?

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Hi All,


Two license questions:

Using Version I installed today.


1.  I have a Lifetime License with an identifier component and a key component and I'm reading here on the forum that that will change.  I bought my Lifetime License through Amazon, how will I be notified of the new key format and what the key is or don't I need to worry since it shows activated and lifetime?


2.  How many computers is my Lifetime key valid on as I have 3 but I am only using it on 1 computer currently, can I use it on more than 1 computer at the same time or is it only valid on 1?


Thank you for any advice/help,



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1. AFAIK, if it shows you are activated and lifetime after installing/upgrading to 2.1.8, you should be fine.  Please write down and/or store the new Key info someplace safe and secure, for future reference. (The new format is just a Key, not an ID and Key.)


2. Lifetime consumer licenses have always been and continue to be for 1 PC at a time.  If you want to install MBAM Premium on your other 2 computers, you'll need a new license for them. One of the new, subscription licenses can be activated on up to 3 PCs in the same household at one time.



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Hey daledoc1,


Thank You for the reply


OK *IF* somehow I get a new license key to replace the OLD format lifetime license key, I'll certainly save it in a safe place.


As I said I'm only using the license on my 1 computer, free version on the other 2 but thank you for how my license can be used!

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The new Key should be displayed in the GUI, under "My Account" (as explained here).

Iis it not?

(Please don't post a screen shot showing that information, but do tell us what you see.... Is there a Key displayed?)


As for the license, I wasn't suggesting in any way that you were using the 1-PC license on more than one computer.  Sorry if it came across otherwise. There has been some confusion about lifetime and subscription licensing since the new model was introduced last year.  (And now there is the "old" vs. "new" license wrinkle.) I was merely trying to explain the situation as succinctly as possible. Sorry if it seemed terse. :)



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Hi daledoc1,


My key is displayed in the 2 part version on my account with an ID component and then the Key component both displayed as I stated in my original post.  I only learned about the NEW key version reading the forum here.  I don't have the new version and was wondering since I bought my original lifetime key on Amazon as I said how I would receive the NEW key version (Which I haven;t received).  Again it shows activated & lifetime so maybe it's not a worry, it was just a license question


I didn't think you were saying I was using it on more than my 1 computer, I was just asking what the lifetime key restrictions were, I actually assumed or maybe read it was a 1 computer license and never even tried it on my other 2 computers which I have MBAM free on.


Again much appreciated your reply,

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Ah OK.


My bad.

Senior brain hiccup.

And all of this is new to everyone.... :(


I don't think there is anything different about a valid license purchased from Amazon vs. from the Malwarebytes store.


AFAIK, when you upgrade to the new 2.1.8 version (either when it is offered to you via the auto-updater or via a clean upgrade, once the standalone 2.1.8 installer is available) the setup wizard will walk you through the install.


If your old Key is good, it will be converted automatically to the new Key format, displayed in the "My Account" window. You won't need to do anything, other than to record the new Key somewhere for future use.

If there is any sort of problem with the Key, you will be presented with a different dialog window that will allow you to select from one of 2 options, which will sort it out.

If neither of those works, then please report back. We will either refer you to Consumer Support or one of the MBAM staff members will assist you here.


One way or the other, the MBAM Team will work with you to get your license properly converted and activated. :)


I will ask the MBAM staff to stop by here, just to be sure I have it all correct.


Thanks for your patience.

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To clarify, legitimately purchased old style keys that have an ID and a Key will continue to work going forward, so no issues there.  You'll use the same key you always have.


We're moving to the key-only format for any brand new keys generated from this point forward.  

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