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Facebook login hack? I'm being asked to show id.. SSN, passport

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About a month ago I started getting a Mircosoft certificate error on my Facebook page.. I just clicked on show content without thinking about it (dumb).. Then a week ago I got a pop up saying they needed to check if the name I use there is valid. I clicked "ask again". Tonight it did. And I am shocked at what they are asking for. This must be a hack and scam but I've not found anything on the net. I ran Malbyte and it did remove one Trojan. I restarted but am still getting the same pop up. Here is what it looks like. Anyone know if this is legit or can help me? Thank You.



Submit Your Documents

We ask everyone on Facebook to use the name they go by in everyday life so friends know who they're connecting with.

Please provide identification that displays the name you'd like to confirm and use publicly on Facebook. Keep in mind that if you confirm a name other than the one currently on your profile, the name on your profile may be automatically updated with the name you confirm.

Learn more about why we require ID verification and the different types of ID we accept below.

What types of ID does Facebook accept?.

 You can confirm your identity in 1 of 3 ways. When submitting documentation, please cover up any personal information we don't need to verify your identity (ex: credit card number, Social Security number). We encrypt people’s connections to Facebook by default, including IDs you send to us. We delete your ID information after verification is complete.

Option 1

We will accept any government-issued ID that contains your name and date of birth. Examples include:

Birth certificate

Driver’s license


Marriage certificate

Official name change paperwork

Personal or vehicle insurance card

Non-driver's government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card)

Green card, residence permit or immigration papers

Tribal identification or status card

Voter ID card

Option 2

You can provide two different forms of ID from the following list (ex: a bank statement and a library card, but not two bank statements). The names on your IDs must match each other, and one of the IDs must include a photo or date of birth that matches the information on your profile.

Below are some examples of IDs we'll accept:

Bank statement

Bus card


Credit card

Employment verification

Library card


Magazine subscription stub

Medical record

Membership ID (ex: pension card, union membership, work ID, professional ID)

Paycheck stub


School card

School record

Social Security card

Utility bill

Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)

Option 3

If you don’t have an ID that shows your authentic name as well as your photo or date of birth, you can provide two forms of ID from Option 2 above, and then provide a government ID that includes a date of birth or photo that matches the information on your profile. We won't add the name or other information from the government ID to your account.

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Thanks again for help!

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We're sorry. It looks like your topic was somehow overlooked. Due to the length of time we'll go ahead and close this topic now but if you still actually need help please send a private message to one of the Moderators and we'll assist you.

Thank you and sorry we missed your topic.

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