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Time for Anti malware software makers to be honest


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I guess I have swallowed the advertising of the anti malware and anti.

Virus software companies for too long and need to vent. I used many of their products and felt safe from the cretins who produce these things but in reality they are so outclassed by the bad guys that it makes their claims of providing safety are a joke. Its time for them to be honest and tell the world that they cant really provide any security against malware. Further I really get irritated when I see Malware Bytes offering a premium product to get even better protection. Shame on you for not improving your main product with this technology and perhaps offering a product that comes closer to what they claim they can do in reality. Its time for you to step up and do what you have been claiming you do for so long

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With all due respects, you have lumped everybody into the same category.  Since this is a Malwarebytes board, please be more specific about how we have not served you or how we could have served you better.  We aren't the be-all and end-all, but we do bust our butts to do our best.  If we fell short, tell us how.


As far as anti-virus vendors, I got hacked THE DAY AFTER I RENEWED.  I dropped them immediately and figured out how to go after the hacker.  I didn't know about Malwarebytes then, but I started using them 6 years ago.  I digress...if you feel we're lacking, give us the opportunity to answer your comments, and if appropriate, to fix it.


I do have one request though...us, them and they doesn't say much.  Speak to Malwarebytes here, and speak to them specifically on their boards.  Give them the same opportunity to make it right.

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Just a home user here, unaffiliated with the company.

You wrote:

Further I really get irritated when I see Malware Bytes offering a premium product to get even better protection. Shame on you for not improving your main product with this technology

MBAM Free and MBAM Premium scanning engines and databases and malware removal capabilities are the same. IOW "the technology" is the same.
The difference is that MBAM Free is a manual, on-demand scanner.  It never did provide "protection". As a manual, on-demand scanner, it can only REMOVE an infection that has already made it past your AV onto the computer.
MBAM Premium does provide real-time protection alongside your AV, to help PREVENT infection.
This is similar to the model used by other anti-malware/security software vendors.
Moreover, developing, testing, maintaining and supporting robust anti-virus or anti-malware software costs money.
While it would be great if outstanding AV or AM software could be provided free of charge to the entire world, that simply isn't realistic.

No security company could possibly afford to do so.
IMHO A few dollars to invest in a paid product is money well spent, compared to the cost of time, effort and productivity lost trying to recover from data loss or other malware-related catastrophe.
Having said that, no one security application can possibly protect against 100% of every variant of every type of malware. Many/most computer infections originate from the part of the computer between the chair and keyboard.  So, safe computing practices are the most important security feature.

Here are a few links with helpful information:

The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware
So how did I get infected in the first place?
How did I get infected?
Answers to common security questions - Best Practices
List of well known antivirus products
Six tips to help you stay safer online



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OP you don't know what you're talking about. Malwarebytes was one of the first companies to offer detection and prevention against Cryptolocker, which is the main reason I'm using their paid product on all of my Windows machines. At that time, barely any definition based protection software company had an answer against Cryptolocker (I believe Sophos was one of the few that offered protection as well). The technology that drives protection is important, but more importantly is the rate of adoptions for new definitions. The latter is never a finished product, but a continuous effort that never stops, and can only be evaluated by frequent testing by the end user in order to conclude if a protection company is doing a bad job or not. And to my knowledge, Malwarebytes is fast enough, at least pertaining Cryptolocker variants, which is in my opinion currently one of the most important threats.

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Wow, I'm a little shocked by the OP.  Just tonight, I created my account on this site a few minutes ago, and I was about to start a new thread just to tell you a few things.   But after having read this OP, I can see that this is exactly where I want to post my message.  Right here!


We all know the old adage "You get what you pay for."   Unfortunately, these days, with so many dishonest companies and half-baked products, this adage simply no longer holds true (if it ever did!).


I think the adage should be changed to "If you are LUCKY, you get what you pay for ... and you'll be happy to have paid for it!!"


I don't see many software business models out there where a company is willing to give away an excellent product that often solves the end-user's problems, and the same company also mentions that if you want an even more excellent product, here are the prices.

You have to be excellent in order to make this model work and still make enough money to pay your bills.  Personally, I hope that you can continue to maintain the same business model and the same standard of excellence.    I know people who have never heard of <AV-program-1> or <AV-program-2>, etc.  (trying very hard not to mention their real names!!!!) and I know other people (such as myself) who won't install these AV programs because they tend to pop up annoying windows all day long, notifying me of a hundred things that I couldn't care less about.  I even know of one so-called "antivirus" product that makes itself so hard to uninstall that I tell people, "NEVER use that!  It acts more like a virus than an antivirus!"

But I have NEVER heard of ANYBODY who hasn't heard of malwarebytes and who doesn't use it on a regular basis.

I think you guys are the heroes of the internet.  I am just amazed when I read the posts here, where a user is in desperate trouble with a virus that he simply cannot get rid of, he then appeals to you for help, and you patiently walk him through the process, step by step.  And I am amazed at the amazing lengths that you go to in order to help such people ... for free!


I don't know if any of you remember the old commercials for American Express Travelers Checks starring Karl Malden.  I hope that I will be allowed to post this link to one of those commercials here, without it being deleted.


Just my way of saying that we need a similar commercial to show to all I.T. guys and girls all around the world, where the slogan at the end says, "antimalwarebytes ... don't leave home without it on your USB stick".  :-)


You guys R-O-C-K !!!  You guys are -- yes, I'll say it -- you guys are L-E-G-I-O-N !!!!!  :-)


Thanks for all that you do.  Fantastic product ... fantastic support.



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i used malwarebytes for 2 years now and there one of the best programs i ever used. i test this program out to see if it gives false alerts. I reformatting a computer then install the free version of malwarebytes, then i took a couple malware I found on the web and a Trojan virus that i have saved on a 4GB usb stick and put them on my computer and run the files. malwarebytes pick them all up and remove them all. AND that is the free version of Malwarebytes you didnt have to buy a full version to remove it. to me i think malwarebytes is the best security program i ever used. yea there premium pop ups gets annoying when the free program expires, but its only $24.99 1yr for 3 computer to me that really cheap especially how well it works. try getting kaspersky or Norton its going to cost you 50-60$ for the same offer. im also talking about a really good program not just some generic program or a really crappy program. again ive test many anti virus and malware programs. by far malwarebytes was the best for both performance,customer support, and price. i have a little issue that malwarebytes and i are working on with. there a compatibility issue with killernetwork program and malwarebytes, beside that i love malwarebytes. 

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