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Agar.io, is it safe?

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Hello all, I am looking at playing the browser game Agar.io.  I am worried that my computer will get infected by visiting the site.  Does anyone play or know if its safe or not?  Thanks!

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Hello .. To add to the above.

This YouTube Video << seems to be a good display of the game.
If I was on a "very low usage" internet plan, I would only play at times, as you play online (but is very low usage).

Apart from that, it seemed to be "like Mario Brothers, or PacMan?" games, but you are floating in space, and not confined in a box.
I had a play for 5 minutes, but I must have grown up now (not that interested :rolleyes: ) ........


It has now been accepted by "Steam" (May this year) a large online game handler and introduced to their family.

So if Steam OK it, then it must be considered as OK for now - :)


Thank You -

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On 9/15/2019 at 4:30 PM, David H. Lipman said:


This thread is over four years old. 

You need to take that up with Trend Micro.

I did.  They said it was not a safe website.  I was just letting anyone who was interested like i was to see that,  as of today.

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