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False Positive Removal Request - InstallBay


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My name is Sorin any I am writing you on behalf of my company- SIEN.


SIEN is the developer and owner of the well known InstallBay installer and of many other products, software, sites and portals. 


I am approaching you as it seems that lately our installer has been marked as a PUP by Malwarebytes. SIEN has been in this industry for years, we are partners with some of the big names in the software industry and our installer is completely compliant with all requirements, including the MMPC guidelines.


Please see the exe attached for our installer flow. We are pretty sure that the flow is compliant with the rules and regulations in the industry, but if we are not compliant with the Malwarebytes guidelines and we need to revise our flow we will fully cooperate and revise accordingly.


If you need any more information regarding our company or installer please don't hesitate to ask I am more than happy to provide you with any information needed.






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This is not a false positive.


All the offers are prechecked to install the bundled software.


If the user just clicks through the accept and install they will end up with every offer.


the getnow updater part is greyed out which is decieving.










Even unselecting all offers i still ended up with linkey downloaded.


please see here for our pup policy.






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