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there's gotta be a list ...


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hey all ,

i find myself , from time to time , having to explaining why certain programs and such are mal/spyware and open backdoors , etc .

this ties into the reasons that one does not want to install certain *things* and to be cautious when doing as such .

it starts to feel like i have leaned the "gettysburg address" in the sixth grade and am parroting much of it by wrote .

not that i mind it ... but ... it seems a little shallow .

does anyone know of a comprehensive list that i can print out ?

it would be great to cut down the diatribe and present the "manual" .


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Hi, CWB:


Not sure if there is a list of SPECIFIC, named programs (though I would be interested to see it, if it exists)?

However, Ron's excellent pinned topics help to explain the basic concepts:






What are the 'PUP' detections, are they threats, and should they be deleted?


<not sure if that's what you're looking for....>



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I don't think I understood clearly what you asked for but if it can help, I know that Calendar of Updates have Hall of Shames which list every known popular software that bundle PUPs in them. Maybe you want to show that list to some of your relatives and then explain them that installing these programs also put them at risk of installing unwanted ones (PUPs)?

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heh ... it aint my relatives .


it is not so much the "why are they bad" but more along the lines of :

"look at this ... it is a partial list of all the cutesy and serious looking programs that are , plain and simple , "bad order" .

this is intended to graphically drive home the idea of how extensive/pervasive this type of stuff is .

hopefully , it will give the person pause to investigate before *downloading* a "oooohhh , i just gotta have that" type of program .

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  • Root Admin

It is almost a daily changing target of such junk CWB - with little value beyond "wow that's crazy how much there is" - typically no one is going to go read it "before" installing and finding its bad. trying to first create such a list of thousands of products and then keep it up when there is no personal, monetary, or other gain is difficult to muster anyone to create such a list. You're welcome to start one though and host it as I'm sure there are some like you that would like to see it none the less.

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  • Root Admin

No problem as I said please start working on that list as I'm sure there are others that would enjoy seeing it. Shouldn't take you more than 2 hours a day every day for the next 4 years or so to complete the base list. Then you can start working on the updates. :P

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a partial list that is not current will work .

it is similar to saying "this is the color yellow" and presenting a few swatches of yellow tints .

most people understand that there are more than a few tints/shades of "yellow" .

(that big box of crayola crayons comes to mind)

it will convey the basic premise .

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