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[SOLVED] All of sudden the program takes a long time to start?


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I am a new user of this product.

I have a Surface Pro 3 running the OS of Windows 8.1 Pro

When I first installed the program, MBAE, it seemed to be running fine.

Whenever I would open a browser it would immediately show a 'window' that it was running.

Now, for the last couple of days, whenever I open a browser the AnitExploit takes at least 3 or 4 seconds to indicate it is functioning which also delays the browser from logging onto the internet too.

I first noticed this with Chrome but it also affects IE.


I have uninstalled the program and the delays are not happening now.  So? it would seem to indicate the AntiExpoit was the problem??









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Hello and :welcome: :
Until pbust arrives to help....
It will be hard/impossible to troubleshoot MBAE on your system if you have already uninstalled it. :(
However, some routine diagnostic logs may point to a source of the problem.
So, for starters, I suggest following the advice in this pinned topic: [README FIRST] >>> Posts here need to include MBAE logs <<<
Then, please post back at least with the requested FRST logs (FRST.txt and Addition.txt).
They will assist the MBAE team with helping to resolve your issues.

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