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[SOLVED] Conflict with EMET (was Internet Explorer IE11 An exploit code has been blocked)

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Thanks for the logs Grutte.


Can you please do the following to try to determine if a plugin is conflicting with MBAE?:


1- Stop MBAE by right-clicking on the system tray icon and choosing Stop Protection

2- Open IE -> Internet options -> Programs -> Manage add-ons and disable 1 add-on.

3- Close IE, start MBAE and start IE.

4- Repeat steps 1-3 until either all add-ons are disabled or IE starts working again.


Please let us know your findings.

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I have Teamviewer. In the meanwhile i executed ComboFix and a tmp folder was deleted. Afther that:


- deactivated MBAE

- started IE11

- activated MBAE


Now, that's new, there is a message dat IE11 stopped working and 'windows' is looking for a solution


attached log ComboFix


I executed al the rootkit finders etc, nothing is found (Tddskiller, GMER, etc)


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  • Staff

Also in the meantime please try the following workaround:


From MBAE GUI -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> OS Bypass Protection -> Uncheck CALL ROP (32 & 64) for Browsers -> Click Apply


Restart your IE to see if the problem continues.

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  • Staff

Can you confirm that the problem continues with all the add-ons disabled?


Also we gave a known issue with the Avast Behavior Blocker. Try disabling Avast completely (or just its behavior blocker) to see if the problem persists.

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