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My name is Shahar Sapir and I am the QA department Team Leader at Reimage LTD.


After getting complaints from some of our users about Malwarebytes detecting Reimage as a malware, I have checked our installer in VirusTotal.com and found that you do flag us. I then installed your free version (with the default settings) and confirmed it does block Reimage from installing or even downloading.

Reimage is an advanced OS repair tool that fix damaged registry and system files by comparing them to a clean image that matches the user OS, and then replacing all the damaged and missing files and registry components. Reimage uses a patent pending technology in order to compare between the healthy system and the user system. We have the ability not only to remove the infected file but also to restore the healthy component from our huge repository of spare parts. Reimage is a complimentary solution to AVs, and does not compete with them. More details regards the technology and patent can be find on the web, there is no other product that is able to fix/recover a system like Reimage does:


Reimage LTD has been working since 2008 and we have a valid digital signature from Symantec (Verisign). Our website is secured with McAfee and TRUSTe, and we have no 3rd party applications with our installation. Reimage has cut all business enterprises with all the toolbar companies it was in relations with back in May 2014. Reimage does NOT offer any toolbar, or any other software, during its installation process.


During the software free scan, Reimage use the Windows 'Event Viewer' logs in order to report on any stability issues. Reimage uses the Avira antivirus engine to scan for infections. Beside the Avira engine, Reimage also have an in-house database that is maintained constantly in order to make sure we have the latest virus database.


During the full repair, Reimage will do a thorough analyze of the computer OS. It will do a deep scan for any virus or malware and remove them if found. On top of that, Reimage will scan for any damage or missing registry and system files and replace them from our repository. This type of repair will not only get rid of any malware from the user’s computer, it will also revert and fix any damage that was caused by the malware (or by any other prolong use that damaged the system).


As you can see Reimage is an advanced tool that his sole purpose is to repair computer OS’s. So in no way it can be considered a PUP software. Reimage does not affiliate, or try to install, with any other software that can be considered as a PUP software


This is the information of the files being detected by Malwarebytes:

File Name MD5 SHA1 SHA256 ProtectorUpdater32.exe 89c1bcdadc8f4dc5489aa30db0d659da 8dbfe08eaa411504e45a5fc04dcbce06b003d063 dda2193708af73681893cfe30e4c3862d35b9ce61b13d3a4be9a99ce19d882ee ProtectorUpdater32.exe b14b89743998cf3aff4857e9aa3c2d33 d823773f8812a4149bbbff717dfa7d692c81791e aa634a087ce9597bf662697a877a05230485eb2fcf6c990a06ecba38d7a52f00 ProtectorUpdater64.exe 2fdb928a07a23591cd9635ca7bb8579c ebe24e7fd901c0eb738a850a68ef061d91acdd55 d47c14f7de91fb5ae735b9e4b5895d744ea30cfae4295e3ab1112483796a1e6b ReimagePackage1816b.exe 035fde4fb95121b5ae6975743fe06b64 6fe4b10ac21c2849eb2028dd87cca5178db45f3f 9ed58fd0646c7d164ed23a884e95941a0b2d12cb1679c54d147078fe11ba822c ReimagePackage1816x64b.exe 046abb5d65d5e9a9601b3424c0720882 21271c3105e351ca1277a68a4d1139cb0f84e5cc f3c8becc16aa0c8a0fce2758f8d979df7823cbe3b89a842257aa9bbf58aff0b9 ReimageRepair_repair1518.exe 26c39df76769c0fcd484a0a8964aec13 4c79f38046e4b7e9ab8c05fbca5231d7819273a0 3f7497f6b13b8dcf13a57bd5ec60a291ef316447e31e29f8ed5623d2a99bb440 ReimageRepairCil1518.exe e24652a061498582667ac9b4f98c4921 d2b44a86344a49f13e1d6a7b3e69016cebdc670f dae1a6320dedd4a21df4cdb6700e9f92e56143660143f3e15cdef0edc057b231 ReimageRepairDirect1518.exe 2ad9259533796888f52ddef72b7a879f b8e9020fcdc1460715a571031f515f9b077d7a81 c8a86ff9bfb22e27404fbb5e3664d35063e135d82c2cfc4fd65466e9df77d60b ReimageRepairNoSeal1518.exe 3075be639e82a37cb4d09b12c9fda79c c3a055554ca0f070157a1bb03b0c38dfc154235b 5e0ddae0a649272699363c8e59ac0e2a55ea87cb13556e0d5d79f5e53872ddbf ReimageRepairNU1518.exe ce255fe25e6b2a4a81586c9af97f65f6 64b00ac4c32312fb367c67fac4cd96a6d307b6d1 bc954392be08d2b8878120a3177174fff740bf074232a17c40c63430e2c1ecb9 ReimageRepairTech1518.exe a9c3dd16fe7d59782d897681490fd6bc a701b64d99d1e8a4d4a1f50c7985b801c4b2fa60 51ba72273d37d7abf64827b10053cc25a7543a3a5a36f400770c54ed8af2e9de uninst32.exe a5d9e46d9073e601fdf405fade82651c 85232d0cf75e62e54c763108fb8b1b2fe0619457 a61e78aaed07435f95d38f29bcf92bcec050b9edda0fdb78299ce6e2c1c403fe uninst64.exe b4bf133ff2ad364929eae75c56185fd9 db314f295b258b7413fb4ba038b0b43b09adc963 5232a2cecf9bd0219fb23d32224ebc9efa73961c101b993f36e5d2b75c00c0bd REI_AxControl.dll 5dc90d97fdfadab0c7d2d91e3b2208b2 ddf7d92d08c2f5d136f7f23bef87c62da7ff88ef 4d5806f78ced0abf988eac748028bd7ee953986aa7bafcfdafb720e6ffd447eb REI_AxControlx64.dll b3869494bab99acb52cdb02106e6a488 88ec6dc0c1a4bf67b5cabb16eedd5724b5fbea34 8770d7699268b210c8d3a081dec5ba495349a309c460fc3c114898caa7a0b2ec REI_Engine.dll 7a1e1ba8fac42eb8cd2d1f5b027adf07 40bbb06542cc056496b80767ab241ec2ec526bb1 4c127fe8818ae4f1b028c20539f0fd7b58d26f492e36cb699086e06c7f796318 REI_Enginex64.dll c09f941ce917436f386b222a6386806c 3d09c3d642dd68ba17128ee4e1b312b8bf4dc53a 3b0dbd22f875775fc7aa9eaa929e86fefedcc18ac8ae85d023b49f81e56d2751 ProtectorPackage.exe 831d582f2c7ce819773a9832932a0499 c570fe2642a8715edc7519a4e769998937bc8f85 f1c862ec86848ed732aad47997e174cbc2ba754407c7adccb6efdb9b9e43c315 ProtectorPackagex64.exe 5fc7934c9790d66d6afb701804bdb1f5 3ef2653450dc545f857cee6929b565fc6203aee1 bb308c6af92ce0ad373e45958675cc5158417b0f077edc5bf78251719a6fc039


We would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please let me know if you need anything more from us in order to resolve this issue.

Thank you,

Shahar Sapir



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I see my table got scrambled after the post, so here are all the details again:

File: ProtectorUpdater32.exe

MD5: 89c1bcdadc8f4dc5489aa30db0d659da

SHA1: 8dbfe08eaa411504e45a5fc04dcbce06b003d063

SHA256: dda2193708af73681893cfe30e4c3862d35b9ce61b13d3a4be9a99ce19d882ee


File: ProtectorUpdater32.exe

MD5: b14b89743998cf3aff4857e9aa3c2d33

SHA1: d823773f8812a4149bbbff717dfa7d692c81791e

SHA256: aa634a087ce9597bf662697a877a05230485eb2fcf6c990a06ecba38d7a52f00


File: ProtectorUpdater64.exe

MD5: 2fdb928a07a23591cd9635ca7bb8579c

SHA1: ebe24e7fd901c0eb738a850a68ef061d91acdd55

SHA256: d47c14f7de91fb5ae735b9e4b5895d744ea30cfae4295e3ab1112483796a1e6b


File: ReimagePackage1816b.exe

MD5: 035fde4fb95121b5ae6975743fe06b64

SHA1: 6fe4b10ac21c2849eb2028dd87cca5178db45f3f

SHA256: 9ed58fd0646c7d164ed23a884e95941a0b2d12cb1679c54d147078fe11ba822c


File: ReimagePackage1816x64b.exe

MD5: 046abb5d65d5e9a9601b3424c0720882

SHA1: 21271c3105e351ca1277a68a4d1139cb0f84e5cc

SHA256: f3c8becc16aa0c8a0fce2758f8d979df7823cbe3b89a842257aa9bbf58aff0b9


File: ReimageRepair_repair1518.exe

MD5: 26c39df76769c0fcd484a0a8964aec13

SHA1: 4c79f38046e4b7e9ab8c05fbca5231d7819273a0

SHA256: 3f7497f6b13b8dcf13a57bd5ec60a291ef316447e31e29f8ed5623d2a99bb440


File: ReimageRepairCil1518.exe

MD5: e24652a061498582667ac9b4f98c4921

SHA1: d2b44a86344a49f13e1d6a7b3e69016cebdc670f

SHA256: dae1a6320dedd4a21df4cdb6700e9f92e56143660143f3e15cdef0edc057b231


File: ReimageRepairDirect1518.exe

MD5: 2ad9259533796888f52ddef72b7a879f

SHA1: b8e9020fcdc1460715a571031f515f9b077d7a81

SHA256: c8a86ff9bfb22e27404fbb5e3664d35063e135d82c2cfc4fd65466e9df77d60b


File: ReimageRepairNoSeal1518.exe

MD5: 3075be639e82a37cb4d09b12c9fda79c

SHA1: c3a055554ca0f070157a1bb03b0c38dfc154235b

SHA256: 5e0ddae0a649272699363c8e59ac0e2a55ea87cb13556e0d5d79f5e53872ddbf


File: 5e0ddae0a649272699363c8e59ac0e2a55ea87cb13556e0d5d79f5e53872ddbf

MD5: ce255fe25e6b2a4a81586c9af97f65f6

SHA1: 64b00ac4c32312fb367c67fac4cd96a6d307b6d1

SHA256: bc954392be08d2b8878120a3177174fff740bf074232a17c40c63430e2c1ecb9


File: ReimageRepairTech1518.exe

MD5: a9c3dd16fe7d59782d897681490fd6bc

SHA1: a701b64d99d1e8a4d4a1f50c7985b801c4b2fa60

SHA256: 51ba72273d37d7abf64827b10053cc25a7543a3a5a36f400770c54ed8af2e9de


File: uninst32.exe

MD5: a5d9e46d9073e601fdf405fade82651c

SHA1: 85232d0cf75e62e54c763108fb8b1b2fe0619457

SHA256: a61e78aaed07435f95d38f29bcf92bcec050b9edda0fdb78299ce6e2c1c403fe


File: uninst64.exe

MD5: b4bf133ff2ad364929eae75c56185fd9

SHA1: db314f295b258b7413fb4ba038b0b43b09adc963

SHA256: 5232a2cecf9bd0219fb23d32224ebc9efa73961c101b993f36e5d2b75c00c0bd


File: REI_AxControl.dll

MD5: 5dc90d97fdfadab0c7d2d91e3b2208b2

SHA1: ddf7d92d08c2f5d136f7f23bef87c62da7ff88ef

SHA256: 4d5806f78ced0abf988eac748028bd7ee953986aa7bafcfdafb720e6ffd447eb


File: REI_AxControlx64.dll

MD5: b3869494bab99acb52cdb02106e6a488

SHA1: 88ec6dc0c1a4bf67b5cabb16eedd5724b5fbea34

SHA256: 8770d7699268b210c8d3a081dec5ba495349a309c460fc3c114898caa7a0b2ec


File: REI_Engine.dll

MD5: 7a1e1ba8fac42eb8cd2d1f5b027adf07

SHA1: 40bbb06542cc056496b80767ab241ec2ec526bb1

SHA256: 4c127fe8818ae4f1b028c20539f0fd7b58d26f492e36cb699086e06c7f796318


File: REI_Enginex64.dll

MD5: c09f941ce917436f386b222a6386806c

SHA1: 3d09c3d642dd68ba17128ee4e1b312b8bf4dc53a

SHA256: 3b0dbd22f875775fc7aa9eaa929e86fefedcc18ac8ae85d023b49f81e56d2751


File: ProtectorPackage.exe

MD5: 831d582f2c7ce819773a9832932a0499

SHA1: c570fe2642a8715edc7519a4e769998937bc8f85

SHA256: f1c862ec86848ed732aad47997e174cbc2ba754407c7adccb6efdb9b9e43c315


File: ProtectorPackagex64.exe

MD5: 5fc7934c9790d66d6afb701804bdb1f5

SHA1: 3ef2653450dc545f857cee6929b565fc6203aee1

SHA256: bb308c6af92ce0ad373e45958675cc5158417b0f077edc5bf78251719a6fc039

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Hi Shahar Sapir and welcome to the MBAM support forums.


Reimage Repair was relisted recently as we are in the process of revising our targeting criteria for PUP applications.


The following are reasons for relisting.


The version of the software assessed was being distributed pre checked for install on multiple download wrappers*.


* Since its well known that most end users are duped by dark patterns or obscure opt out mechanisms used by most download wrappers into installing software then it comes as no surprise that many end users see software delivered this way as unwanted and complain because of that.


The software sets itself to run at system start up and sets additional system tasks, it scans the persons machine and then wants payment/registration in order to action any found issue's.

*it offers no time limited functionality or partial functionality to action any of those reported issues to provide some proof of *value* before purchase.


According to feedback on WOT many users have complained about the above.



Also we find ourselve not alone in classifying the software as PUP.

Please see here


and here.



Additionally it has been submitted to us by many users as unwanted software.

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We appreciate the quick response.


We understand you have reevaluated your PUP detection, but in no way does Reimage qualify as PUP.  Please see responses to your concerns below.


1.       Reimage does not allow vendors to bundle it. It is in the agreement with all our partners and affiliates. That being said, it is hard to prevent someone who wants to install us from another software to do so. We try to police it as much as possible, and we have broken off relations with partners and affiliates what we caught doing so.

2.       Reimage has cut all business enterprises with all the toolbar companies it was in relations with back in May 2014. Reimage does NOT offer ANY toolbar, or any other software, during its installation process.

3.       Reimage has a service that sets to run at startup. This service is part of our software, and used both during the Reimage scan and as an active protection.

4.       Reimage is an advanced OS repair tool that fix damaged registry and system files by comparing them to a clean image that matches the user OS, and then replacing all the damaged and missing files and registry components, using a patent pending technology (http://www.google.com.ar/patents/US20100064285).
As part of our business module, we do not offer a free trail. However, to compensate, we do offer 60 days money back guarantee – no questions asked.  Please understand that a business method is NOT a category for detection.

5.       Mywot rating – this is a problem of ours dating back to 2008.  The industry has evolved as has our method of distribution and our compliance. We also know for a fact that some of our competitors have paid “stong” users in mywot to write bad reviews about us. In mywot if a few “heavy” users write bad review it is more or less over. We talked with mywot, but with no success.  Again, this is not a category for detection.  We have an A+ rating on the BBB here in the USA http://www.bbb.org/new-york-city/business-reviews/computers-service-and-repair/reimage-com-inc-in-new-york-ny-102563 which carries more weight than MYWOT

6.       VirusTotal – there are some small AVs that detect reimage as PUP. We are in progress of discussing it with them. As you can see from VirusTotal, the major AVs in market does not detect us. That includes such as Microsoft (MSE), Avast, Norton (Symantec), Avira, and more.  Most of which WHITELIST us

7.       Symantec – this is an old detection. During January and February we were in contact with Symantec “STAR” team, and after hearing some of their concerns, we made modifications to our product. Since then, we are clean in Symantec and 100% compliant.


Please review the above and reassess the detection.  It is very damaging to our reputation and user complaints haven’t stopped.



Shahar Sapir

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  • Staff


To elaborate a bit more to this. PUP means Potentially Unwanted Program.
If it has been submitted many times by several different users as Unwanted, because they had no clue how it ended up on their PCs. So this is one reason to label something as Potential Unwanted.
Also, It's HEAVILY spammed on adnetworks, where, when you land on such page, you get the following "fake" message first:




Then, it shows the following message:




It's also heavily spammed via searchengine and startpage hijackers - see below...




And clicking the "already green marked" button, gives the same as in the 2nd attachement where it wants to install Reimage Repair.




Your reference to http://www.bbb.org/new-york-city/business-reviews/computers-service-and-repair/reimage-com-inc-in-new-york-ny-102563#doesn't show positive experiences either, but negative instead.

The biggest problem here is, in order to fix/repair what it has found, a license needs to be purchased. In my case, it asks to purchase a license to only clean my temp folder and recycle bin, while I can easily do this via windows cleanmgr.

Can't you give the user at least a trial, with full options and repair/fix - even if it's only for 1 day or so? That would be a fair action to take, so the user can also actually try your program to see if items are fixed properly.


So all of the above are enough reasons to list this as Potentially Unwanted Program.

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Thanks for quick response.

We are well aware of how PUP is defined as we are a part of the CSA and receive regular guidance from both Microsoft and Google.

We police our affiliates the best we can and remove at least 2 affiliates per day. Our guidelines are updated on a regular basis and all affiliate networks have signed contracts and instruction on how NOT to promote Reimage. That being said it is impossible to be 100% “white” but we work on it every day.

Regarding the BBB – We have ZERO open cases at this current moment and an A+ ranking based on positive feedback. Yes, there are some negative reviews as there would be with any company. Malwarebytes has almost the exact same negative feedback on the BBB as Reimage http://www.bbb.org/losangelessiliconvalley/business-reviews/computer-software-publishers-and-developers/malwarebytes-corporation-in-san-jose-ca-252723

Is this justification for Reimage to start flagging Malwarebytes to our Millions of active users? No, it’s not.

In regards to the “Free Trial” this is not grounds for a detection. We worked closely with Symantec and they agreed after removing Reimage as a False Positive, that you cannot flag a product just because there is no free trial.

There is only one Major AV flagging Reimage right now and we are in daily communication with them and will likely be removed by the end of the week. Any other detection you see from VirusTotal are small AV’s who don’t respond to False Positive Submission, or they just share definitions with the major one.

We are Whitelisted by the most reputable AV’s in the industry. We are a publicly traded company and this Malwarebytes detection has impacted us very hard.

If you have any problems with the product, please let me know and we will review. But understand we are mentored by the legal teams who write the compliance rules for the CSA. There is no question that we are 100% not PUP. Please reevaluate the product and review the product based on industry standards, not whether MYWOT gave us a bad rating in 2008. We’ve changed and are fully compliant now.

Your consideration is appreciated

-Steven Clish

Director of Marketing

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The classification of PUP is by our criteria and assessment based on observed behaviours detailed in this thread.

We respect what information you supply but we also take into account other factors as in our initial reasons for listing.

Please accept we have not received any f/p reports either here in the forum or via our customer support channels from our 20 million plus end users of our software during the week that your software has been listed as PUP.Usually when we accidentally F/p a popular software we are very quick to get reports to that effect.

We have however many times received complaints from our users that we do not detect, block or remove your software as no doubt they have been the victim of shady distribution practise's by some of your business partners/affiliates.

We also respect that you take steps to address this but also we find that it does not take us many minutes to find them on the web. So we ask the question if we can find them that quickly then something does not hold true when you say your doing your best to clean them up.

With respect to the free trial suggestion you are correct this is not a valid reason for listing as PUP on its own but in the case of charging someone for doing the same job as cleanmgr which is supplied for free with the windows OS then this again does not seem ethical.
Why is it that you don't offer a trial for the user, even if it's only for 1 day?

That said we will be happy to review your detection over the coming months and if we see an improvement in your affiliates behaviour and/or a free trial offered then we will review your listing as PUP again.

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My name is Steve and I handle the marketing efforts for Reimage.  


There is no question that the ad mentioned above is beyond unacceptable.  You’ve made some valid points and we appreciate the feedback.


I was able to track down this specific affiliate and remove the misleading advertisement mentioned above.  We have sent out new parameters as of this morning to all partners based on these guidelines: http://blogs.technet.com/b/mmpc/archive/2015/04/28/cleaning-up-misleading-advertisements.aspx


Since your last message, I have spent the last 24 hrs removing any questionable advertisements and affiliates.  So far maybe 13 affiliates have been removed based on where and how they advertise Reimage.


That being said, customer complaints and no free trial are not valid reason to be removing our paid users.  You mention you haven’t received any complaints about a f/p, but I can show you dozens of examples of paid Reimage users asking why Malwarebytes is removing our software.  There needs to be more emphasis put on our US patented repair technology and how we clean our users PC’s http://www.google.com.ar/patents/US20100064285.  Suggesting that we are “Charging someone for doing the same job as cleanmgr” is extremely misleading and incorrect.  With the exception of cleaning temp folders (which is a minute part of what reimage does) we’re the only product that fixes missing or damaged OS components including EXE files, DLL files, SYS files, Registry Values including the ability to restore damaged registry Hives.  We also include a deep Virus scan from our partner Avira and much more.


We’ve cleaned house as of this morning and will continue more aggressively policing how Reimage is advertised by 3rd parties.  In the meantime can you please reevaluate the product itself?  The past week has been a disaster and complaints keep rolling in.


Your consideration is appreciated.





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  • Staff



reevaluation of the product has been done many times already - the "affiliate issue" was only a part of the issue.

One of the other main issues users complained about is the aggressive approach for purchasing the software when it's installed - especially since - even on a freshly installed Windows - it will ALWAYS find (more than 25) "errors" no matter what. The user, who didn't purchase, doesn't need to be reminded all the time by default of so called errors, then being asked to purchase to remove registry keys that shouldn't really be fixed in the first place since orphaned registry keys don't affect system speed at all. On the contrary, this might even result in a corrupted registry or corrupting anything else as microsoft clearly states: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2563254?wa=wsignin1.0


Especially since orphaned registry keys are always present on every system, no matter what, it's an easy target to "scare" users. This is the same "scare tactic" being used as cleaning up junk files from a PC ( browser cache, cookies, empty recycle bin, error reports ) as we have seen many times already.

Ideally would be if you offer a trial with full removal options for the user, even if it's only for 1 day - that would take away the "scare and force to purchase aspect" by the user already, so they can evaluate your program with full removal options and can evaluate whether registry cleaning really has improved their system speed or not. If they are satisfied, they can purchase to keep maintaining this.




I am glad to hear that you are taking actions against the bad affiliates - but it does need time for us to see the same as well. So we will evaluating this in the next couple of months how this is still be pushed/abused by adnetworks together with your product as well.

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Reimage is not a registry cleaner...

Reimage is a Windows repair tool, than fixes crashes, instability and damage that caused by malicious programs. It does so by repairing and restoring system files and repairing and restoring registry keys and values. It does all the formatting and reinstalling Windows does, all while keeping the user programs and data intact.  You can see here see a comparison between registry cleaners and Reimage here http://www.reimageplus.com/comparison/.


In addition to our main feature, and as a service for our users, reimage also takes care of malware that can run on the user PC (since many time it cause the damage that led the user to Reimage in the first place), empty the user junk files, and clean very specific places in the registry, with entries in that can affect the user (and there such entries, since in the end of the day Windows registry is a database that Windows use constantly - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry).


It is absolutely not true that Reimage always finds errors, and definitely not always more than 25 error. You are more than welcome to test Reimage on a clean machine (for example freshly installed Windows), and see for yourself.  

Even if reimage finds registry issues and junk, you will see that if these are the only issues that were found, we will say that the severity of the damage is low. It will take a lot of registry errors (a few hundreds), and a lot of junk files (we calculate it as a percentage from the free space of the system partition) for the severity of the damage to be considered as medium. And it will never be high only from these two categories.


Using reimage is like putting you PC in a PC technician lab – we are fixing the Windows, not cleaning the Registry. Just like a technician won’t fix you PC for free, neither will we. Maintaining a repository of spare parts, use Avira SAVAPI engine to scan for malware, and downloading the spare parts, that in some case can be even be more than 1GB, all cost money.

Because of this we offer 60 days money back policy, way above the standard, so if a user is not happy – he can get his money back easily. This is more than fair.


We've been tested thoroughly by Symantec, Avast, Kaspersky, K7, AVG, McAfee, Avira and Microsoft and NEVER have we showed "errors" or high severity for Registry keys on a clean OS.  We pass all Whitelisting tests with flying colors and are monitored 24/7.  In January 2015 we went through an extensive remodeling of our severity levels with the leading AV on the market.  They insisted we lower severity levels for any Junk and Registry ISSUES found (we don't use the term ERRORS).  Since then we are fully compliant, especially regarding Registry and Junk file detection.


Everything you mentioned in your last post can be easily refuted with a simple test on a clean OS.  I've passed our correspondence on to our legal department, as all these false statements being made publicly about Reimage will surly make you liable for defamation.   

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You don't use the term "errors"? You sure about that?





2 instances of the term "Errors" used so far ....


More hilarious however, is your installers causing an MRS error, only to then detect it!!!





I'm also curious, as to why clicking the settings icon, launches the following - instead of actual settings.




Further still;


1. it still auto-scans on initial install, no user interaction required

2. It still loads your site for "payment" (sorry, annual subscription - might've advised the user about this prior to install, no?) when clicking "Start Repair"

3. To add insult to injury, you then pre-tick "Best value" - best value for who exactly? (can't be the person paying you an extra £19)




Just so we're clear - clean Windows 8 install ....... (and lets not get into the fact you're also not telling users where the logs or (c:\rei for those wondering}, much less, allowing them to actually create/export any via the software' UI)

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Yes we use the term errors, that was my mistake.  

But you also contradicted yourself by posting a screen shot with 17 Registry errors after claiming Reimage ALWAYS finds 25+.


It is clear that the machine you ran Reimage on in not a clean one, and has been used before, as evidence by the 140MB in Windows temp folder, and by the 17 registry errors. All of these issues can be confirmed by navigating to the temp folder and calculate the size, and by navigating to the registry path an see the issues.


About the crash during the installation – during the installation we run Windows’s regsvr32 to register our dll file. It is not an intentional crash, and It seems that there is something wrong with one of the components regsvr32.exe is using. This is another evidence that the Windows is probably not a clean machine (it is also possible that this is a bug – but one that we didn’t see in our countless runs in the QA department or informed about it from users).


However, even with this crash, and the registry errors, and the temp files – you can see in your screenshot that we say that the damage is LOW. We do not lie or try to scare the user that this is something critical. This is the difference between a PUP and a legitimate software. If we were a PUP we would say that this is critical and scare the user into buying.


The “Settings” icon as you call it is not a settings icon at all but a “technology” icon, where the user can read about our unique, patent pending, technology.


About the other 3 “issues”:

1.       Yes, we do auto run the program. So do many other programs, including most  AV's. I don’t see any problem with this.

2.       Start repair load our pricing page, where the user see all the benefits he gets. Reimage is not free, so we can’t start a repair without the user buying.

3.       We found that many users that bought Reimage ask to buy another license and this way we give the user an option buy more with a discount.


No, we do not have the option to save the scan results.


Malwarebytes is actively removing Reimage paid users and is causing irreparable damage. You seem to have made up your mind regardless of our counter arguments and many false statements made here about Reimage.   


Can we progress this public dialog to something more productive?  We are a publicly traded company part of a significantly large group and we can't wait several months to be reanalyzed.  



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