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Possible False Positive?....

Has been on computer(Lenovo) since 2013, showed up today as PUP

Virus Total scan shows it completely clean: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b762e28c5d17d70a063ee51b82026a9b3ff952bfbe89a76bf647a3c836d6a41b/analysis/



zipped exe file: RegistryReviverSetup_3.0.1.144_CO1.exe

Malwarebytes txt file: PUP.Optional.RegistryReviver.A.txt



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This is no false positive because of the following reasons:


1) Aggressive tactics to get the user to purchase the program:

* I installed it on a freshly installed Windows 7, I ran the scan and it found more than 50 so called errors (these aren't errors, just orphaned keys), with a big red exclamation point. In order to fix the errors, I need to purchase in order to re'move something that is ultimately unnecesary.

It however *does* offer me to fix the first 25 "errors" for free. Ofcourse, in most cases, there will always be more than 25 "errors" being listed anyway.

* By default, even when the user doesn't purchase, it's set to startup with Windows and immediately after reboot, it starts off the scan and alerts me of the errors and wants me to purchase the product.

* Every x minutes, it pops up a message in my system tray making me aware that I have errors in my registry. Luckily, it offers the option to disable these popups, but they are enabled by default.

* Also, Why is it promoting itself as a "optimizing Windows" and Reducing Startup time if it actually adds the program to the startup instead, leaving it running all the time, just to alert of so called errors? This is actually a contradiction of what it tries to promote (faster system, faster startup).


Microsoft also has made a note on Registry Cleaners in general: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2563254?wa=wsignin1.0- and with good/valid reason.

2) Heavily promoted on webpages + via bundled installs

3) An overall unsatisfactory reputation: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/reviversoft.com?utm_source=addon&utm_content=popup-donuts#page-1

4) It has been submitted to us many times as unwanted.

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Thank you for your quick responses.

I have not run (on my own anyway) the setup exe to install this program. The setup exe appears to have come installed w/new computer and likely sits waiting for activation in bundled Lenovo s/w. Same timeframe anyway. I do not see the program in my list of installed programs. And the option to install has not been presented to me as of yet...but then I haven't utilized many of the Lenovo bundled 'extras'/companion apps etc.


I guess I was just surprised that it showed up all of a sudden as a PUP and dates back to 2013......so must be just a new addition to the scan db?

As I am not interested in any registry cleaner or 'reviver', I have removed it.


Thank you again for your prompt and informative responses.

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