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False Positive Removal Request - Compuclever

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To whom this may concern,


It's been brought to our attention that our programs were categorized by your database as Potentially Unwanted Program. The programs' name and download URLs are linked below:


PC TuneUp Maestro



PC Clean Maestro



Ultra File Opener



Ultra eBook Reader



We think it is a false positive and therefore request that you either remove our programs from this categorization or provide us with reasons/evidences of your previous decision.

CompuClever is a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner and an Intel Premium Elite Software Partner. We strive to provide innovative, effective, and clean software to all of our users. Nevertheless, if there exists issues or behaviors in our software that resulted in your categorization of our application as PUP, let's learn about them and correct the issues as soon as possible.



Rosalie Li, Security Analyst

CompuClever Systems Inc.


209 - 3375 Whittier Ave. Victoria BC Canada V8Z 3R1

Tel: 1-250-590-7963

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Thank you for reporting.

We'll evaluate what is going on with these detections & let you know sometime today.

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Hi Rosalie and welcome to the Malwarebytes support forums.


Upon revisiting the 4 reported softwares i can report back  that both Ultra eBook Reader and Ultra File Opener were false positive detections and can confirm that those detections have been removed.


However both PC TuneUp Maestro and PC Clean Maestro are being classified as Potentially Unwanted Program because of the following compounded behaviors observed in the past weeks.


#1 Both software have been seen distributed via multiple mainstream download wrappers where they are pre checked for installation(eg Opt out)


* Since its well known that most end users are duped by dark patterns or obscure opt out mechanisms used by most download wrappers into installing software then it comes as no surprise that many end users see software delivered this way as unwanted and complain because of that.


#2 The software sets itself to run at system start up and sets additional system tasks, it scans the persons machine and then wants payment/registration in order to action any found issue's.


This continues every time the user logs in until either purchased, uninstalled or they have located where in the software settings(or operating system)  they can uncheck for it too no longer run either via system start up or by the additional scheduled tasks.


Additionally it offers no time limited functionality or partial functionality to action any of those reported issues to provide some proof of *value* before purchase.

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