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Two PUPS detected on today's threat scan - not sure what to do?

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Good evening,


     MBAM'S scheduled Threat Scan today, alerts me to the presence of 2 PUPS, which are apparently associated with a Windows Installer file and The Weather Channel Desktop Program - which has been on my computer since last year.  MBAM has NEVER reported any issues with the two files in question, or generated any kind of alert that they are supposedly PUPS -  prior to today's Threat Scan.


I've not encountered this type situation before, I have no idea if there is actually some problem or not...much less...how to address this issue.  Since I am not noticing any unusual behavior with the computer which would suggest a malware issue, I felt this sub-forum was the most appropriate place to present this inquiry.


My questionCan someone advise me on how to proceed?


I've attached the Export Log of the scan in question to this post - in case it might be of any help.  (My apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere, or should have been copied and pasted).


Thank you for your time, review and any feedback.




00000000 MBAM SCAN RESULTS.txt

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Hi Eagleeye ,


We added detection for the Ask Partner Network Toolbar  installer(s) earliar today and hence why the files have suddenly become detected out of the blue.


They are PUP detections (not malware or malicious) so no need to worry :)


You can either allow Malwarebytes to remove them or create an ignore rule for each if you do not want the files to be detected again.

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Hi Ade and thanks very much for the quick and informative response! :)


I decided to just quarantine the two detections for the time being.  The Weather Channel Program seems to still function normally when I started it up (after the quarantine).  I'm just glad to learn I hadn't developed some malware issue!





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