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TorBrowser False Positives


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Certain files from TorBrowser Bundle 4.5.1 are being detected as Spyware.Password


Spyware.Password, C:\Users\Jorge\Desktop\TorBrowser\Browser\AccessibleMarshal.dll, , [4060cfc9e7a3b6807e6f7de52ed4ee12],Spyware.Password, C:\Users\Jorge\Desktop\TorBrowser\Browser\libEGL.dll, , [643c7127256537ff02ebee7431d1fd03],Spyware.Password, C:\Users\Jorge\Desktop\TorBrowser\Browser\libGLESv2.dll, , [f7a93e5a35552b0b6687da88996959a7],Spyware.Password, C:\Users\Jorge\Desktop\TorBrowser\Browser\mozalloc.dll, , [20807325880232045499fe6422e0a858],Spyware.Password, C:\Users\Jorge\Desktop\TorBrowser\Browser\browser\components\browsercomps.dll, , [fba5d3c5c9c13cfa67867ce65aa8f50b],

I have, for now, added an exception to MBAM installation on my computer to stop it from scanning TorBrowser files.

The software can be freely downloaded from:

My specific version is torbrowser-install-4.5.1_pt-PT.exe

For the record, attached are the scan log and the false positives archive.



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Is it normal to have different hash for the above files ?

Also, i will like to add one more file to the above list :


Spyware.Password, C:\Users\XLm\Desktop\Tor Browser 4.5.1\Browser\AccessibleMarshal.dll, ,[148cdabe3753bd79618cec7657ab8a76],
Spyware.Password, C:\Users\XLm\Desktop\Tor Browser 4.5.1\Browser\libEGL.dll, , [366abedadeac80b67c7168fad82a2bd5],
Spyware.Password, C:\Users\XLm\Desktop\Tor Browser 4.5.1\Browser\libGLESv2.dll, ,[c9d7aaeea8e2c076707d68fafd0559a7],
Spyware.Password, C:\Users\XLm\Desktop\Tor Browser 4.5.1\Browser\mozalloc.dll, ,[742c0f89ec9e37ff3eaf3929ac568a76],
Spyware.Password, C:\Users\XLm\Desktop\Tor Browser 4.5.1\Browser\mozglue.dll, ,[415fd7c10d7dfc3a727b570bc63ca060],
Spyware.Password, C:\Users\XLm\Desktop\Tor Browser 4.5.1\Browser\browser\components\browsercomps.dll, ,[930d4a4e92f8a78f04e92e3429d92fd1]




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Thank you for the additional report.

This will be fixed in about 1/2 hour from now (v2015.05.27.05)

Yes - those hashes change.. they are not file hashes - they are hashes that help us t-shoot.

OK, I've updated to v2015.05.27.05 and it still keeps blocking it (on pro) and quarantining it during scans.  :wacko: 

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