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Hi, I have a question not a problem. I clicked on a link (Yes it was safe) and the anti-exploit blocked it. A message popped up stating that it was something dealing with link stacking.


I do not know if this is because I recently switched browsers or what. I was using Firefox but it is having problems so I switched to IceDragon. I never experienced a pop up similar to this in FF.

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Hi pbust,


Attached is the FRST log. I cannot find any type of other log here (C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit). This is the files/folders in that folder;

exclusions (windows media audio/video file)
mbae-alert (text document)
mbae-config (windows media audio/video file)
mbae-default (text document)
mbae-default.log.bak (BAK file)
mabe-protector.xpe (xpe file)
mbae-protector.xpe.bak (BAK file)
mbae-report (windows media audio/video file)
mbae-services (text document)


What I was doing:

Reading emails and I clicked on a link from Bookbub.com (about a book on sale). A box popped telling me something about link stacking. After this the shortlink I had create on my task bar will not open the IceDragon browser.


This pass week I upgraded to a new laptop with Win 8.1 I was using Win 7. I am a premium user and I have never had this happen.



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  • Staff

Maybe its an issue with IceDragon.


Try the following:

1- Close IceDragon

2- Open MBAE -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> OS Bypass Protection -> disable "Memory Patch Hijacking" for Browsers and click Apply

3- Try to reproduce the problem again


Is it solved with this configuration change?

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I will. I do not know if it makes a difference but my IceDragon looks like Firefox and I am able to use plugin's from Firefox. I am not a fan of Chrome or Google. And I really hate IE. But Firefox keeps freezing up on my when I am on Facebook. I promise if it happens again I will take a screenshot of the error.

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