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Passware pioneers in acquiring data from Microsoft OneDrive


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Recent updates from Passware shows that one needs to be even more cautious about malware threats as history shows that the developers of malware are often not too far behind in this type of technology. Extracting from the token is almost instant including what would otherwise be a strong password and helping to make access to this type of Cloud storage possible. Preventing infection in the first place seems to be more and more prudent than it used to be. Often many users would not worry about an infection and simply run clean up tools after the fact. With so many encrypting type infections now days and with technology looming on the horizon to access even your Cloud data it certainly would not seem wise to continue to not use active protection on your system. Backing up your data to an external source that you alone have access to and is not continuously connected would also seem prudent in today's ever increasing world of malware threats designed to block or delete access to your data.

Passware pioneers in acquiring data from Microsoft OneDrive. Access to OneDrive is provided either if the user password is known or by extracting an authentication token from the target computer memory or a hibernation file. This token allows further downloading of the full user's OneDrive storage: documents, photos, videos, etc.


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