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Hello All,


I'm running management console v1.5.0.2701 fully licensed and have been using the trial version (30 day) of MBAE.  There is a Java powered webpage I need running on my machines which I cant set the exclusions for from my console. I used www.hasmemall.com  MD5 to covert the three java apps running on my machines and have them excluded but there are still being blocked.


095826BCBBFA5C09C72463A82612B23C; Java.exe
3594C0ABBFFE10B3CF95714B8B3C89A4; javaw.exe
B9F9FD6188CC732F19DB69CAE5CC597C; javaws.exe


Anyone know why it's not working? Thanks

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting campfreddie.


The way the exclusions work in Anti-Exploit is not per the application itself (java.exe, etc.) but for blocked payloads. There's more information about that in the Standalone Admin Guide PDF you received when purchasing.


Please create a ZIP file with the contents of the C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit directory of the machine where the block happened and post it here or send it to me and I'll be able to troubleshoot the problem and recommend a configuration to solve the issue.


PS: Moving this to the MBAE For Business section.

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Hello Pedro,


Using the management console, I activated the 30 day trial of MBAE so there was no download of the anti exploit and no PDF.  I can pull down the stand alone trial version of it to the machine I'm testing on. Will that work for you?

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In the download of the Management Console trial (i.e. the ZIP archive) there's a "Standalone" sub-directory. In there you will find the Admin Guide PDFs for both MBAM and MBAE clients.


In the meantime please collect and attach here the MBAE logs in a ZIP of the entire "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" directory.

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When you received the Management Console (either purchased or via a trial) you downloaded a ZIP archive. Inside the ZIP archive is a "Managed" directory which has the installer of the Management Console + documentation. There is also a "Standalone" directory, which has the standalone client installers for MBAM and MBAE as well as the documentation. Look in the Standalone directory for the documentation for the MBAE client.


As for the MBAE user data directory, it is inside the ProgramData folder which hidden by default by the OS. You can simply copy-paste the following "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" into your Explorer window on the top and click enter to view the directory.


But if you just want to take the quick route, let's do this to get you up and running quickly and then we can troubleshoot the less urgent things:

1- Open your Management Console

2- Go to the Profiles

3- Edit the Profile and go to the Anti-Exploit section

4- Un-check the Java shield and click OK/Apply.


This should solve the problem for now while we focus on extracting the logs to see what happened.

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