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Chrome & Chrome Portable - are both protected at the same time?


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i'm using various browsers with MBAE


i have now running chrome, waterfox and tor browser and MBAE shows 4 shielded applications.


when i start additionaly chrome portable via GoogleChromePortable.exe or Portable_Cr64.exe (based on different chrome version), the number of shielded applications in MBAE is still shown 4.


i tried to rename the chrome portable executable file to opera.exe or chrome.exe, but still no change in number of shielded applications.


with this behaviour, are both chrome browsers (normal & portable) protected at the same time or NOT ?







aha, when i renamed chrome portable executable to firefoxportable.exe and started it, MBAE now shows 5 shielded applications !

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that means if i run normal chrome ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe") and chrome portable ("c:\portable\chrome\GoogleChromePortable.exe") at the same time


[where the GoogleChromePortable.exe is not in the list of Shields]

[the child processes of chrome portable are still named chrome.exe - no matter of the name of the parent process]


and the "Shielded applications" counter shows 1, it means BOTH are protected?

^i think the are NOT, or?





or do i need to rename the latter to something like firefoxportable.exe to see 2 shielded applications ?



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You can rename the tester (mbae-test.exe) to the name of a browser to test the functionality under a browser scenario. For example rename mbae-test.exe to iexplore.exe, firefox.exe, chrome.exe, etc.

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