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Malwarebytes Deployment

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Does anyone or even staff, know of a way to create a deployment package for GP that will check for all preexisting malwarebytes installs free or paid versions, and remove them if they do not match the current build? The problem I am running into is, so many people have the free version or the paid and it is Version 2 which the console does not reconize so it tries to install over the top or in another directory and then does not work 100% on the workstation until everything is completely removed "registry settings and all" then reinstalled. With the huge networks I have been rolling out the endpoint solution on this has become a very timely task, and I have almost a 200 device network I am getting ready to do and I am holding off until I can figure it out.

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Group Policy is good for a MSI distribution but not for doing logical examinations and judgements for the install.
Yo can use an interpreted scripting language such as kiXtart ( my choice ) or VBS, etc.
The script will...
* Execute the MBAM Check utility.
* Parse the MBAM Check utility log file for "Malwarebytes Version:"  to obtain the version number
* Remove the retail version and install the enterprise version.
  Example:  "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\unins000.exe"  /SILENT
* Install the new version
  Example:  %windir%\system32\msiexec.exe   /i   "Malwarebytes.msi" /qn
* As all this is done the process logs the success or failure of the above steps.
I do some maintenance routines in my Domain Login Script such that as the user logs onto the server the process can be done there ( if the user has administrative rights ).
Another way you can do this is have a TXT file where each line of the TXT file is the name of a PC.
You would then run a master script that parses the TXT file and pops the name of the PC off the list and then uses PsExec to launch a script that does the above on that PC.  When done with that you then pop the next name off the list and keep doing it until the list is done.
You may also decide not to have all 200 platforms done in one batch but to break up the 200 platforms into multiple group batches.

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  • Staff

Please make sure that you get rid of all the version 2 installs.  They are in violation of the EULA and should not be installed in a business environment.

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