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mbam prenium trial french version install home

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hello and sorry for my poor lvl in english by advance ;)


today i want to test mbam prenium in trial for 14 day so i follow this link https://fr.malwarebytes.org/mwb-download/for download this http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam/mbam-setup-


And install with prenium trial option ...


But when i run software i see "malwarebytes anti-malware HOME (trial)" in the mbam windows title bar ...


But in the older version one of my friend said me see "malwarebytes anti-malware PRENIUM (trial) ..."


so prenium version is installed or not ? 


thanks for your responses ;)



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Hello and :welcome: :


I am not familiar with the French download site or with the French version of the GUI.

But I will try my best to help. :)


There is only one version of the MBAM installer (setup file); it can always be downloaded from >>HERE<<.

When you save it and run it to install, the setup wizard will offer you:

  • A choice of languages to install (including French), AND
  • A 14-day Trial of the paid features will be enabled by default (unless the user disables that option).

When you have finished the installation, if you open the dashboard (either from the Windows start menu or the desktop shortcut icon or the system tray icon), if you look at the very top of the dashboard, it will say ONE of the three things (in the language of the installation):

  • "Free", or
  • "Trial", or
  • "Premium"

In other words, it will say "Free" OR "Trial" OR "Premium", but it will NOT say "Premium Trial".


If it says "Trial", then, yes, you have the 14-day Trial version.

It is identical to the paid, Premium version for 14 days.

If the user does not "activate" MBAM with a paid, Premium license before the Trial ends, the program will revert (go back) to being the Free version.


So, if you have already installed MBAM, please open the Dashboard/GUI and look at the very top of the window.


What does it say there?


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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so it's ok i see Trial or "essais" in french :)


I thought I had to see "malwarebytes anti-malware prenium (trial)" and not "malwarebytes anti-malware home (trial)" because it seemed to have seen it on the computer of my friends ...


thanks a lot for your response ;)  4 more days and I'll buy the license i think ;)

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