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Very slow scan - HTC One M7

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Whereas scans used to complete in a couple of minutes they are now running for hours.

I've just performed a scan on a HTC One X with a similar number of apps installed and it completed in about a minute.

Running a scan on my HTC One M7 now with the latest version and after 550 seconds it has only scanned 295 objects. It's taking several seconds per file whereas on the phone the filenames fly past so quickly you can barely read them.

Also on the phone performing the slow scan, in about the malicious Url database is from Dec 14 even though this a fresh download and forced databass update. On the phone where the scan performance is good, the malicious url database is from Apr 30th.

Any ideas? I do have Avast running on both phones as well as I've always had.


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Hi Meanteam,


Thanks for reaching out to us, interesting based on the specs of each phone you'd think the performance would be the opposite. Did this just start occuring recently, or been ongoing?


It's hard to say what is going on here, what I would suggest is clearing out the data and cache of MBAM Mobile. You can do that in Settings - > Apps -> Malwarebytes Anti-malware -> App Info or a clean install.


Because the URL db isn't updating suggests there could be some corruption there.





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Thanks for the reply. I've since noticed that the url database on my tablet is also from December. Only the One X has a very recent one. This would suggest it's not the device but some other reason why malicious url databse updates aren't being deployed.

In a further development, I looked at my One X and saw two malwarebytes notifications, one which said the databse update failed and the other was a scan that had been running for something like 3000 seconds. So now, even the One X is performing a slow scan.

I'll try some more manual scans on all 3 of my android devices and report back if they are still slow.

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Weirdly, just ran a manual scan on both the One X and the One M7 and they both completed in about a minute. Checked the malicious url databse and both are now reporting 30th Apr 2015. So no idea what's going on. It's just an intermittent slow scan regardless of device but feel free to close this thread as my immediate problem is resolved.


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