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Logs and sample workbook attached (took me a bit to find the attach option).


Evidently I'm violating several rules.  Sorry.  I'm a MB Forums noob


Looks like I'm in the wrong forum (?) as I am using Enterprise version but a quick look at submitting a ticket there requires a "REFERENCE".  I have no idea what that is.  It also asks for a version that doesn't match anything I have.  This is a brand new install.  Downloaded software Friday.  Rolled it out this morning using a client push from Management Console. Google showed a similar problem posted in this forum earlier.  That thread is locked.


We have 55 clients.  All Excel 2010 installs are affected.  It doesn't matter which Excel workbook they try to use.  If it has a macro, the workbook hangs.  I'm attempting to apply Windows updates on one of the PCs to see if that helps.  This is urgent as our business relies heavily on workbooks with VBA.


mbae-report.zipAR - Betty.zip

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Hi CHatmarker. We've replicated the problem. It seems to be an issue only under 64bits.


Can you upgrade to MBAE 1.06 and disable DEP Enforcement for Office to see if it solves the issue?


If you don't have access to 1.06 corporate edition let me know.

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Our heavy Excel users are experiencing extreme sluggishness with Malwarebytes as well. What is the latest guidance on this matter?

You mentioned disabling DEP Enforcement in MBAE for Windows 7 SP1 64 bit machines but is it safe to do this for 32 bit versions of Win7 as well? What about XP - we still, unfortunately, have several dozen of those.

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