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Can't remove FBI virus on Galaxy Note

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Hi all,


I own and operate an IT company and had a client ask me to remove the FBI virus off of their Galaxy Note (Android version 4.1.2). I was able to get into safe mode, but I simply can't shake this thing.


I suspect the culprit is an app called Porn Droid XXX video. The uninstall and force stop buttons are grayed out.

Under the Device Administrators the only apps listed are Email and Android Device Manager.

I've tried installing Avast, AVG and MalwareBytes, but the problem is I can't find these apps anywhere. They show up in the App manger in settings, but they're not in the app list on the device, so I have no way to start the apps.


Any ideas?

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Hi Scottay,


You can try using adb to kill the app and then uninstall.


You'll need to install the Android Development kit to get the tools. https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html


The trickest part is identifying the package name because they obviously try to hide, so the name could be randomized, some adobe flash or porn variation, or one that's kinda nonsensicle.


Best to do while device is in Safe Mode, connect the device via USB with USB debugging enabled.


Using adb, from a command line:


  > adb shell

  > pm list packages (identify app)

- non-root:

  > adb shell am force-stop com.mypackage (com.mypackage is the name of the app)

- with root: 

  > pm disable com.mypackage



adb shell am force-stop knhd.nduix.kvzpl

adb shell am force-stop com.porno.player


Next uninstall app.


Good luck,



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