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I have firewall set to block inbound connections exceptionless but I still got an alert from MBAM

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I have this environment:

- router with firewall enabled. SPI is not enabled. I enabled it after the fact.

- host machine running Windows 7 SP1 x64. Firewall set to reject all inbound connections on all profiles (public, private and domain) as I don't transfer data between PCs.

- guest OS Windows XP SP3 running in Virtualbox connected via NAT interface. No ports open in virtual NAT;

- vm firewall also set to ignore exceptions.

Virtual machine is in place to run somewhat risky applications in an attempt to keep my system clean:

- Cool TV Online app is a Sopcast based TV online app. So it is P2P based. It also displays ads from adcash in pop-up everytime you click on something;

- Hola Better Internet VPN extension for Firefox. Another P2P based app.


Because both programs are P2P based I am expecting to see outbound connections blocked at host level on Virtualbox.exe which by way it happens sometimes, but inbound connections. This is odd, I'd like someone to explain me how this is possible. The alerts are not frequent, there are days when they don't happen. It mostly depends on how long either of them are running.


I have some wild guesses about how this can happen, but I'd like a professional explanation:

- Server to which I was connected informed of an IP change; that new IP is flagged as malicious in MBAM db;

- Server #1 requested that Server #2 to take over (This is a P2P connection, so take overs seams to happen a lot), Server #2 IP is flagged as malicious so it wasn't allowed to check if I am still online.



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