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drive error


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i recently brought a toshiba laptop (satellite 50-B) as i was going away and i let the shop set it up due to time constraints,only mention this as it came back to me with pre installed malware identfied as conduit. bascily it was a browser hijack witch i let malwarebytes remove then reset I.e to defaults and unlinked the hijack. i very much dout this has any relevence to the drive error still adding the info cant hurt.


the problem with the drive is in safe mode,if i run a disk check in normal mode i recive no errors. .


in safe mode running the same disk check tells me the drive needs to be repaired.

looking at the logs in safe mode didnt help as the log didnt get written,on restart from safe mode back normal mode i got a error the log couldnt be written (not 100% what the full error is sure as it flashes to quicly) and tbh i coulnt find that error log.


i did phone the pc world the company sold me the laptop however pretty sure i got fobbed off as the the tech guy said it wasnt a problem as you usally use noramal mde not safe mode.


how serious a problem is this and can i repair the drive myself from the supplied recovery flash drive,if not and the problem is serious and needs attention i am unsure if its too late to take it back to the shop or send it off to toshiba,the laptop was brought feb 2015


there are two more problems i could do with help with ones a currpted media player libary & the others bluestacks,however dealing with one at a time mabye less confusing esp if the laptop has to replaced.


thanks for anyones time and help.

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>>If I understand correctly, it sounds as if this is a refurbished or used laptop? 

>>If so, have you removed the existing partitions, reformatted and reinstalled Windows, as is the best practice when "inheriting" any computer?

For starters, please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)


I'm quite sure the forum staff and experts will need additional hardware/software diagnostics.

But those first few logs will be a good place to start.



Thank you,

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hi again,thanks for the swift replys.


the laptops brand new and i havent touched the partitions ect.


i downloaded and insalled the toshiba uititly however when went to run it up poped this program has known compabilty issues,then gave me the option to check for solutions or run anyway. checking i got the message the tool isnt compatible with windows 8.1

i didnt run the program as i thought it best to ask if to pick the run anyway option ?


adding all info; the only bad thing i did was to run aft cleaner being away from windows since xp i didnt expect it to cause any problems.

however it broke malwarebytes and removed all windows store apps.


i unstalled/reinstalled malwarebytes so the log may not contain the pup info/ alought as said i dout it has anything to do with the subject,just thought it best to add that so all adds up. (thanks for the correcting the deffinition david)





thanks again for your freely givin time to this subject.


edited to fix typos.

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Safe Mode or Normal Mode you should not get errors.


Thus we need to corroborate or discredit the OS findings.


I am saddened to see Toshiba's own diagnostic is incompatible with a current OS.


Please determine the make and model of the hard disk in the Toshiba NB.


You can get that from Device Manager.

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oh toshbia laptos


seems like the program doesnt dectet the hdd.

running the program the hdd doesnt show up,trobleshooting says the program is incompatible.

i searched around to find if it was because the programs 32 bit and they offered a x64 versin,to no avail.

looking around i found posts saying other fitness tests doest dectect the hdd either on a toshiba laptop.


the only thing i found was this however runing it without advise ( following what info supplied & running another tool instead doest seem a good idea) 

esp as i dont know if its even the right tool " It is only designed for use with Fujitsu Branded Toshiba ATA/IDE hard drives." ive no idea if my system is such.




only posted the link to save your time looking for somthing that will work,as i seem to be taking up a lot off your time.



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hmmm ...

based on my prior experience with hitachi drives of this GB size (and larger) ...

i would hedge the bet and either :

return the machine to the supplier for an exchange

or, contact toshiba and explain the problem and get an rma to/for a service center .


either way , before you go much further into this i would recommend pulling off any data you need .

do not run any more *cleaners* of any kind .


the advice you given by the tech at that shop was off in left field and a rather poor thing to suggest doing .

the machine did not leave toshiba with this kind of a problem "designed in" .

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sry to be a pita


pc world are being awakward.

when i rang them again i got through to a very adgitated advisor,not awnesring the question witch was can the laptop be serviced,he went into a rant about why i was in safe mode,after going round in circles,he finnaly told me to take it to the shop to prove i was getting the drive error.

well i found out i was on anything happens type plan,witch means they should pick it up fix and return.tbh i didnt know i was on that plan as when i brought it they added it to my card without my concent.


firstly if the os is showing false info should i not be entitled to a freash install by them; they are suggesting when i brought it some laptops when m/s updates are installed are causeing black screens witch nullifys the gaurantee and tbh being disabled and in a lot of pian it would be nice if i got the laptop as expected; no errors.


next; are all varations of condiut now consired to be pups. malwarebytes came up with mine as a trojan.

i wish i had the log resaon i ask is i stand more chance of getting them not to install it (i know its easy to remove still its the princible) if i can say its malware.

it was installed in a way you coundnt change the homepage surly thats malware,no ?


to find out exctually what it was if i set up a new account on the same manchine would it not install that on that account,the way it reads the info when you set up a new account.


thanks and real sry t make this so long winded.

simply trying to find out where i stand with the drive,if its faulty i did get to the bottom of it in the end they will replace it,if not and as said the os is provding flase info is that not set up correctly and they as said should re install.




excuse the typos.



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hmmm ... hmmm ...


it sounds like the techs and the *service manager* are foot -dragging and excuse making .

their reasons for doing so are really none of your concern ... the object is to get them to "own up" to what they have done .

if you did not give them permission to add an extended/full coverage plan to your purchase and they did so ... that could be construed as an attempt to defraud you .

if a sales person specifically asked you if you wanted or didn't want the above plan and you declined , it would carry much more weight .


this event could/might wind up in court ... and cost someone some money .

an option here to try first would be to contact "consumer affairs" for toshiba and explain what has happened .

they might build a fire under someone , point you toward another local service center (and investigate the one you have had problems with) or rma the machine to one of their major service centers .


another option that you might exersize , if you feel that further contact with the outfit/service manager would prove fruitless and expose you to further irrational behaviors ...

contact the better business bureau .

(you might consider trying to get a full refund and purchase another machine elsewhere)


a fresh install will do no good if the drive is bad ... it is like putting a bandaid on a sucking chest wound caused by a .30 caliber bullet .

as for determining if the drive is bad ... this is something that must either be determined by *someone* or just hedge the bet and drop in a new drive and be done with it ...

either way , this should not cost you a cent if you have the place where you bought it service it , after all , you do have full coverage  ;) ... but then you are back to the/a "trust" issue .

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goodneess gracious phoning toshiba (uk) costs £1.53 per min that about £5 for 4 mins.

i think you misunderstood the freash install part as i know as you put its like putting a bandaid on however i belive thats my grammer.sry i had two eye ops when everyone was just learning how to write/spell and came back to school two yrs later to find everyones doing joined up writing,caught up with everthing else bar my spellng.


alought dont get me wrong i am extremly gratefull for your time.


the malware part if or not its malware is apart from what i wrote is due to the agrrement. i am allowed one service for any malware on the laptop per year and that mabye a way around thier "feet dragging"


still i feel ive gone as far as is reasonible with this subject.



thanks again & all the best to you & yours.

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just a update,this can be closed.


i finnaly got throught to someone with no attitude,booked the drive repair/new one and agrred if the os is providing false info it will be re installed.

guess its all down to witch techie you get when you phone up.

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calling toshiba comes with a price ?

wow ... i wonder how they get away with that ?


a different tech ...

if this was/is the same outfit that you originally dealt with perhaps the word got out that you were not going to simply *go away* ?

at the shops i have worked for over the years , if i treated a customer in a manner such as you were treated originally , i would have been standing in the unemployment line in short order .


glad you got it resolved (tentatively) ...

keep us informed .

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  • 3 weeks later...

hi just to update.


it was the os giving false info.

not to pleased thou with the firm i brought it from as i piad for the install and it came back without it,

still they updated the bios and its working now so guess alls good.


thanks for your alls time.


btw when it came back when i booted it up there was a red box saying do you wish to run the hard drive test,so i think its got one installed somewhere,mabye thats why the drive fitness tests dont read the hdd on this type of laptop.

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