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make a new malware bites and anti exploit tech


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Make a new anti exploit

1with artificial intelligence technology that protect you from any exploit or brute force exploit atacks that includes the full browser, pluggings and ports please include flash by default the new Version you have dont have flash active it and not is on the list

Add a more simple way to add plugins ect to protect it

Make a new version of malware bites

1that have artificial intelligence technology to protect you from any atack or by virus this tech can help to find more complex virus or detect new virus or exploit atack and web protection will be more solid

2add vulnerability scan this will can what pluging webrowser I

Or anything including Windows and network vulnerability and tell you to protect it from ciber criminals ect

3 reduce memory and scan inpact for the hardrive memory and cpu

4 add anti stealth technology prevents you data bean stolen e ent if your pc is intected

5use forensics detection to detect more hard new treats and artificial intelligence protection and detection and intrusion detection and protection

To protect network,files,data ect

5hakers. Can easy crash this software to bypass the security using rootkit or malware leaving your pc vulnerable to steal money ect fix that please

6add to scan to detected if your pc was hack or spy to increase the security add the location was hackk file port registry

On the Windows

That all just helping this corp so they can make strong security protection for all users

Thank you

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Are you aware of the fact that Malwarebytes makes more than just one product?


Check out the downloads page, there is the original Anti-Malware, an Anti-Exploit program, a Secure Backup program, a Remediation Tool for use on already infected computers, multi layered Endpoint Security program, an Anti-Rootkit program, a stealth installer to install Anti-Malware on an infected computer, a file killer program to get rid of stubborn malware files, and a Registry cleaner to remove stubborn malware registry keys.


Also, part of computer security is keeping your nose clean. Don't go to sites that are known to be breeding grounds for malware. Don't click on every internet link and every email you see, you are just begging to be infected, with a lit marquee surrounding your IP address.


And you should always use more than one product to secure your computer. I personally use two, three if you count TrueCrypt (but that's just a security feature, not an antimalware program).

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