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Danish grammar in UI


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Hey there.


New to the forum and on a mission! :)


I apologise in advance, if this is in the wrong forum part, but couldn't find anywhere else it would fit, short of contacting directly. I'd also want to excuse my english (not my maternal language)


Anyways, ever since Malwarebytes have had danish translation, it was also full of glaring grammatical errors and some weird spacing errors in the UI. Back then, I thought you would get around to correct it eventually. Well, it hasn't been corrected.


Reason why I would like to point it out, have several reasons.


1) Grammatical errors makes your product look un-professional, and more in resemblance with that of a rogue product(!) and might stop people from buying your product.

2) It may not convey the message as intended.

3) Elderly danish people who might use your product, might not be well versed in the english language (as some parts of your product still have the english terms and not the danish ones) which ties into 2) as well.

4) It makes people like me flinch hehe :)


I am normally not playing grammar police, but in the case of security products, trust starts with you showing you have hands on the situation, big and small, which includes correct grammar.


Some examples;




"Indstrumentbræt" - correct spelling is "instrumentbræt" This one is a child mistake, as it is written down, as it is pronounced. "Ind-strument" Ind in danish means in, like "I am going in"


"Scan" - correct spelling is "skan" Scan is the english term, whereas "skan" is the correct danish term. There are several of these in various parts of the UI, including various konjugations and even use of one english word with a danish word, like "scannings type" where "scannings" is the english word scanning but with the danish "s" on it. correct would be "skannings type"


"Registrere" nøgle / værdi / data. (Registery key / value / data) This is a big one, since "registrere" in danish, means "registration" and not registery. Correct danish term would be "register".


These are just a few examples, and I spend no more than a minute to single these out.


Then there are things like spaces where the space is not needed. Like H istorie in the UI where it should be historie, or scann ings type, with both space and incorrect spelling (I found a couple of these in that minute as well)


Lastly, I would like to point out, that I am a happy user of Malwarebytes, and not out to pound on it. I am coming from a standpoint, where I would like to see, that malwarebytes both feels and looks pro. Mixing english terms with danish translations and spelling errors, just ruins the pro feeling the UI overall could have.


I hope this could somehow find way to the developers, or should I instead write directly to them?


Greetings from Denmark



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Hello, MrNo, and welcome to our forum!   :)


I really appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback on the issues with our current Danish translations.  We'll definitely make a note of those and will make sure we address them in a future release.  


To give you some background, our current translation process relies in part on community volunteers (and we're very grateful to them!).  But we absolutely need to improve our review process so that we ensure we meet the standard of quality that people expect from us.


I will be following up with you separately on this subject to see if you might be willing to help us here.


Thanks again and we appreciate your support of Malwarebytes!

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Hey Becky :)


Thanks for replying!


I just pointed out some examples, so I am sure, if your volunteers looks into it, they can correct what needs correcting. Also, sure, feel free to contact me. Although I have no idea if I can be of use (mostly from a time perspective) and also partly because I have no idea what it entails.


Greetings :)

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Hi, when can we expect the new translations to appear?

I would gladly volunteer to speed up the progress, if I got the chance, because many people I speak with chooses to uninstall the software because of the bad translations.

It would take five minutes to correct, so I don't understand how it can take that much time.


Looking forward to hear back from you.



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