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Minecraft World in $Recycle.Bin reported as several hundred Trojan.Siredef.C

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Hey, I just figured I'd do a scan since it'd been a while, an,d it really freaked me out when it detected 1187 trojans in my recycle bin, haha.

I did some lurking through the recycle bin and determined that the only thing in there with so many files would be one of the Minecraft "world" folders I had in there.

I deleted them from the recycle bin and ran the scan again, nothing found this time. Just to be sure I figured I'd scan a copy of the folder I had outside the recycle bin, but it got back clean.

I then removed the folder(back into the recycle bin), did another scan, and it got back with 573 "Trojan.Siredef.C".


I would think this is a false positive, at least I hope so.


Scan log: http://pastebin.com/2aL7SeLv


I would attach the world folder but it's too large(57mb), so I'll put it into my website, and give you a direct link(Hope its ok).

The folder in the zip has to be in the recycle bin for it to be detected by the scanner.


Link: removed for the OP's request


Please tell me if you need me to upload the file somewhere else instead.


Thank you. :)

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