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[SOLVED] Chrome x64 40.0.2214.111m crashes regularly with MBAE


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I've used MBAE for a while now with Avast! Free on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine, and I'm having some very weird Chrome crashes, without any malware. (I already went through the works and checked for malware with multiple products and came up empty)


(Heads up: sorry for the lengthy post, thought you should know the whole story)


After every long(ish) browsing session, I had Chrome beta (v40) crash when I exited the browser. I didn't mind much, because I was shutting down anyway, but one day I broke and opened Visual Studio for debugging.


It was an Access Violation, and at first, it seemed like an extension bug, so I uninstalled it. Then another extension "caused" the crash. I noticed they were the only two extensions that needed full page access -- and I had a beta feature turned on that restricted full-page access -- so I thought it was related. (According to the stack trace, the crash occurred when the GUI tried to draw the extensions' icons and they were the only two extensions with icons in the address bar that weren't supposed to have one. (That's where full-page access is enabled)


After disabling that feature, it seemed like it was OK again -- but then random (after about an hour) crashes started appearing, this time due to an Invalid Handle being closed. Chromium wiki says this points to corruption (without any actual handle bug), which sounds about right because my stack looks exactly like the second example. (Except "ntdll.dll" had called the exception, not any debug function)


My point is: I've disabled MBAE about 20 minutes ago and I've had zero crashes so far. I noticed the known issues have nothing on Chrome x64 or Avast, but is there any chance of an incompatibility here? I'll wait until the hour passes and see, but so far it looks like MBAE is the culprit.

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