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Trojan.Zbot - Empty folder at C:\ProgramData\TWAIN_32

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Hello, Malwarebytes is claiming an empty folder at C:\ProgramData\TWAIN_32 could be malicious and possibly connected with Trojan.Zbot. I already posted about this in a separate thread earlier today ( https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/164230-trojanzbot-type-folder/).


After the quick scan (log attached) I placed the folder in quarantine and performed scans with GMER and Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Both came up clean. I removed the folder from quarantine and confirmed with a console directory listing in case it had files with hidden attributes set that wouldn't appear in Explorer that it was indeed empty.


I'm now performing a second, custom scan with MBAM looking for all types of threats including rootkits to which I am 40 minutes into. I will post the results in this thread once the scan concludes. Between the ongoing scan and the one I carried out earlier today the database also received an update it seems.


It looks to me like this could be a false positive as I can't think of a way an empty folder could be malicious to my system. Like I posted in the previous thread I had been uninstalling old programs and checking for garbage files left behind by them when I found this, so could it be left over from uninstalling a program containing a trojan horse via their provided uninstaller? If someone could alleviate my anxiety over this it would be greatly appreciated. :)



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Unless you have some insight as to why a folder like this exists on your system it seems that it could only be a trace from a long dead zbot infection.


In any event keeping or deleting this folder will have no impact on your system.

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