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Limewire (4.2 something if I remember correctly)

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I would like to get rid of LimeWire.

AVG hasn't found anything and neither has Malwarebytes or Spybot, so I think he cleared the risk from Limewire.

I want to remove it from the computer.

Would I just go about getting rid of it via the control panel, or is there also some sort of a clean up tool to use also?

And just a question about uninstalling things in general. Am I correct in my thinking that when uninstalling any program, I should restart the computer even if it doesn't prompt me to?

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Guest victimized

Hello, well then go to the limewire folder in the my documents, then click on saved then right click on the songs and click move to. Now, once you moved everything you wanted, go to limewire in the all programs menu in the start menu and select uninstall. Rebooting will be useful when doing this, so after you are done, it may ask you to reboot, or if it doesn't, still do it.

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He actually has all of the songs moved to WinAmp already, does this change anything?

I would assume that I would just be able to uninstall it without moving anything?

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Since you have an open post in the HJT forum, you should NOT be making any changes to your system without the knowledge of the person helping you. This simply makes the task harder for them. Once that post is done and closed THEN you can come back and do any other maintenance tasks you'd like assistance with.

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Advanced Setup:

Thank you!

I haven't actually posted the log yet but I plan to tonight.


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