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Winzip Malware Protector PUP?

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MWB identifies winzip malware protector as a PUP, which it may be, but I am not inclined to delete at present. Annoyingly it comes up every day on the MWB scan, and I cannot immediately find any way to tell MWB to ignore the program. Ideas on preventing it finding the program or ignoring it will be welcome. Or maybe MWB does consider it to be a UP. Thanks.

MWB Anti-malware premium on Windows 8.1

WZMP MWB log.txt

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Same issue, I try to install WinZip and MWB deletes the install file winzip18.5.exe from MWB logs

PUP.Optional.InstallCore.A, X:\Installs\winzip18.5.exe, Quarantine, [2533ff4159311d190b0ec3da9e671de3] 

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This is jonrichco's thread.  If you have an issue, please start your own thread.

Please reference: Please read before reporting a false positive
Post #2

If you are not a member of Staff or Experts group please do not reply to other users posts in either the File or Web Blocking forums.

Thank you for understanding.


Please note that if the publicly available trial version is bundled with other software then the "PUP.Optional" detection may be appropriate and would be the reason why it is still being flagged.

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