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Problem with MBAE and Chrome

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Just started installing MBAE Corporate and rolling it out to my clients. About halfway through, I started getting support calls. Mostly minor, like Adobe protected mode and stuff we could get around but....


Now I'm having an issue where Chrome will not function at all if MBAE is installed. I have been using MB Pro with no issues.

This is all my client PC's having this issue. It is seen on Windows 7 Pro and 8.1 Pro. No difference.


We use Avast Antivirus Corporate and have had no issues like this before.


What I have tried:


I used the Stop Protection button in the client, no difference. I went into the Shields section and deactivated Chrome, no dice. The remove shield is greyed out, which is fine. I actually want my users Chrome sessions protected.


I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, no good. I uninstalled MBAE and rebooted, Chrome works. I pushed it back out to my PC with the console, chrome won't work again. You can't even get into Chrome to change any settings, it just sits at a blank page and times out. I uninstalled MBAE again and looked at the add-ons running. Only Avast Antivirus plugin is functional. I disabled it, reinstalled MBAE and it made no difference. I shut off Avasts' shields and it made no difference. It has to be MBAE.


I looked at the log files and they are suspiciously bare, there's a single text file with only the following in it but I attached it here anyway. MBAE version is which looked to be current at the time of install, but it looks like there might be a 1.05 now?


Any ideas?






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I sent in a email support request and the tech suggested I update the version of MBAE to which had not been quite released yet.

I did install this but it made no difference immediately. I uninstalled and reinstalled our Avast client and relaxed the firewall rules a bit which seemed to do the trick. I don't think it was a firewall rule thing, but the reinstall.


If anyone else has this issue, try reinstalling your antivirus.

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Thanks for posting the followup RH434.


If you remember which Avast Firewall rules you tweaked that would be helpful in case others run into the same issue in the future. I know we've had conflicts with the Avast Hardened Mode (white-listing) in the past.

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