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[SOLVED] Fire-IE plugin for Firefox

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For the past week or so, MBAE has randomly shown a warning message about an exploit attempt, and then closed Firefox. When I start up Firefox again, sometimes the warning and closure will repeat immediately, but other times everything functions normally. Occasionally, I will get the warning message as I am *closing* Firefox. There doesn't appear to be any specific action on my part or on Firefox's to cause the warning and closure; sometimes it occurs without any action at all. If I stop MBAE's protection, Firefox works without any problem. I suppose this could be an actual warning of a blocked exploit attempt, but it happens too frequently (and on more than one network) for me to believe that the warnings are not false positives.

Here are my vital statistics: I'm on a Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series with an 4th gen Intel i7 chip and 8 gigs of RAM under Windows 7 Pro. I am using MBAE and Firefox 34.0; a zipped copy of the entire MBAE logs directory folder is attached.


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Thanks for the quick turn-around Mitch.


The only other two items that stand out as potential conflicts would be the following:


() C:\Program Files (x86)\HddLed\hddled.exe
() C:\Program Files (x86)\HddLed\hddledd.exe


(Intuit) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBCFMonitorService.exe
(Intuit Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\DataProtect\QBIDPService.exe

(SwapDrive, Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickBooks Online Backup\OnlineBackup.exe


Could you please try stopping the service of HddLed (and closing its traybar icon if present) and trying again?


If that doesn't work, please do the same with QuickBooks and its online backup (service and traybar icons) and try again.

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Thanks for the logs and running these tests Mitch. Nothing out of the ordinary stands out from your logs. It should be working without a problem.


Could you try creating a new Firefox profile without all the plugins and extensions to see if it works then?

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Re-opening as per request and posting here Mitch's PM:



I was on vacation and didn't return to the computer until Friday. Based on your suggestion about a Firefox add-on being the possible source of my problem, I disabled one add-on and re-started Firefox; when the problem surfaced again, I would re-start Firefox, go to the add-ons, enable the one that I had previously disabled, then disable the next add-on, re-start the computer, then wait for it to happen again.


The one that *appears* to be the culprit is Fire IE, an IE-tab sort of extension. So far, it's been running without incident. Fingers crossed...



I'll keep the thread unlocked for a few days to see if the problem is resolved without that add-on. We'll also test it in-house.

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I had similar problems with Fire IE extension conflicting with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit free. Initially I was unable to narrow down the cause, and had to unistall MBAE until finding the cause. Today, I found this thread and after noticing I have the conflicting Fire IE extension I decided to give it another try. The problem is, I really need Fire IE so I wondered why there is this conflict. So, I installed Fire IE again and this time I set it to OOPP mode (set dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npfireie32.dll to true in about:config), then restarted Firefox. No more execution halts since then. Yes, Fire IE doesn't run in plugin-container.exe, it runs in firefox.exe by default. This is due stability and other issues. Fortunately the latest beta version of Fire IE is alerady pretty stable and decently fast in OOPP mode, but there are still some nasty issues preventing OOPP enable by default. 

Fire IE source code is hosted here:   https://github.com/yxl/Fire-IE/

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I opened an issue report to Fire IE regarding this topic here:


@patwonder mentions a hack in ATL DEP hook to get ActiveX controls written with ATL 7.1 or older working through DEP as the cause. The source code of this module is in these 2 files:



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I made some tests and I think I know why you can't reproduce. The default settings of Fire IE 0.4.4 or older are as follows:

-OOPP disabled;

-IE Compatibility Mode set to IE7 Standards Mode. 

It has already been determined that if OOPP is enabled exploit alert isn't fired.

So the only difference is made by the IE Compatibility mode. When this is raised to any IE8 mode or higher the exploit alert may occur:

-when randomly visiting a webpage;

-when restarting Firefox shortly after it was closed;

-when attempting to adjust Fire IE settings (Right click on its icon and select Fire IE Options). This trigger the alert every single time. Have to switch current webpage to IE engine (left click on Fire IE icon) in order to be able to adjust Fire IE settings.

Internet Explorer 7 is really old, so emulating it in Fire IE is pretty pointless, as result users raise the Compatibility mode to highest mode that works with the target website(s) they visit frequently.

Main reason why this plugin is popular is because it exports Adblock Plus functionality to IE rendered webpages. Adblock Plus for IE is just a mere shadow of Adblock Plus for Firefox.

Attached some pictures that can help with reproducing.






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While testing https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/164597-exploit-found-with-china-bank-icbc/ I discovered that for some odd reason this conflict didn't occur although the test machine has Windows XP with IE8 so it should happened in these 2 cases:
-Fire IE OOPP disabled IE8 Standards Mode;

-Fire IE OOPP disabled IE8 Forced Standards Mode.

The test machine doesn't have MBAM installed, so I decided to try supressing the conflict by turning off protection modules. It appears that if I turn website protection off no more exploit alert. MBAE behavior seams to change only after user log off / log on.

TODO: Install MBAM Premium trial on test machine and see if false exploit alert is fired.  

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It appears that if I turn website protection off no more exploit alert. MBAE behavior seams to change only after user log off / log on.

TODO: Install MBAM Premium trial on test machine and see if false exploit alert is fired.  


Did I understand this correctly? The MBAE alert only happens if MBAM Premium is installed with website protection enabled?

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Yes, that's how it looks to me. It seams it also doesn't happen if self-defense is disabled. It doesn't happen on XP 32-bit at least. I always experienced this on Windows 7 x64. I'll also test on Windows 10 TP x86. A wild guess I have is that it won't fire an exploit alert.

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Completed testing. Here are the results:

a. It never happens if any 1 of these conditions is met:

-host is running 32-bit windows;

-Fire IE is set to OOPP.

b.It posibly doesn't happen if OOPP is disabled and Fire IE Compatibility mode is unchanged from default IE7 Standards mode.

c.Number of incidents may grow if Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is installed and has self-defense or Website Protection enabled or both.

Overall issue reproducing is very difficult as no precise action triggers the alert.


On another note Fire IE 0.4.5 beta is out which turns OOPP on by default. So I don't know how much it worths to investigate this further. I think that Fire IE devs will nullify this issue before you figure out the cause.

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