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So, I started up my computer and left it on for about 5-10 minutes (I do that because my anti-virus (F-Secure) scans all the executables on start-up). And suddenly I heard the logging on noise, even though my computer was already turned on. So then I checked on my computer and it said that there was an error. After I figured out how to analyze a BSOD, I saw that there was a line of text with 'mbamservice.ex', but I am not sure if it was caused by MBAM. I hope someone could help me out.


Useful Information:


Anti-virus related programs on my computer:


F-Secure (I have no idea wich version, I am using the one I got from my ISP, and it in English I assume it would be called 'UPC Safety package' or something like that. In The Netherlands it is called 'UPC Veiligheidspakket').


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium


Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium


BSOD related files in the attachments! The RAR and the ZIP are both the same. The RAR is smaller. (The dump file was waaaay too big, I even tried different types of archives and it still was bigger than 30mb. If you still need it you can download it from this page:  I am still uploading the file!)



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Hello and :welcome: :
Sorry to hear about the BSOD.
They are usually caused by hardware problems, driver issues or (sometimes) malware (such as rootkits).


 >>>In addition to the files you submitted, please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)


>>>ALSO: Can you please tell us whether you recently made any changes to the system (installed new hardware, new software (e.g. AV or MBAM or other), or new peripherals?)??


The staff will review all of the logs to try to determine the cause and a solution.


Thank you,

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Thanks for the logs -- we'll need to wait for the staff members to review them.  Please be patient, as many folks are still on holiday.


Quick question: did you alter or edit the logs, as at least one of them is missing some information?


As for editing posts: new members are no permitted to do so, because of prior abuse (no problem about the duplicate attachments).


Thank you for your patience,

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Thanks for the information.


As far as 3rd-party hosting for the logs -- please wait for one of the staff members to review what you've submitted. 


If you've attached this file here in your previous attachments in this thread, that may be sufficient:

2015-01-02 11:15 - 2015-01-02 11:15 - 00275888 _____ () C:\Windows\Minidump\010215-40263-01.dmp

If they need additional dump files, they will provide instructions for uploading to another, preferred hosting site. ;)


Thanks again for your patience,

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Please re-run mbam-check and post a new  Checkresults.txt log.


The staff will need that file to analyze, along with the others.

If you have the minidump I mentioned earlier, please zip and attach it here, too.

If you get an error because it's too large, please let us know -- we will provide instructions to upload it to a preferred cloud site.


Then please be patient and wait for a staff member to review all of the logs.


Thank you again,

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  • Root Admin

The logs indicate the computer is very likely infected. It also looks as though it may not be legal version of Windows but we'll leave that up to one of the Experts

I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.

Thank you

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  • Root Admin

The Event Logs. I'm sorry but we don't run a training facility here for that. If you want to learn more and help others then I suggest attending one of the training schools.


The following are websites who host training facilities: United Network of Instructors and Trained Eliminators




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I think I figured out why I got the BSOD. I looked up the sys file and on most forums it said it had to do with faulty drivers. Malwarebytes installs drivers, and I set the schedule for updating to 15 minutes. I left my computer on for about 15 minutes. I disabled the schedule and I never got the BSOD again. I hope I am right.

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